Saturday, 27 June 2015

What have I been up to for the past 2 years?

Hello cuties! 

So as you may have noticed, I've been away for quite a sizeable amount of time, There's been so much happening in that time so I thought I'd fill you in on what I've been up to. 

I guess it'll be easier to give you the main points and then spam with everything else in a pic spam. 


  • Finally went to Japan with my friend Popi, Met my life time Idol Miyavi - had the time of my life!
  • Left Cyberdog Manchester and joined Cyberdog Camden with a promotion.
  • Moved to Brighton for a few months.
  • Moved to London as the commute was killing me.
  • Moved to Archway (More central London and 15 minutes away from Camden)
  • Kyary gig.
  • Miyavi gig VIP (Met Miyavi again, he remembered me before I said anything = life made)
  • Quit as Accessories specialist due to stress, enjoyed summer being standard sales assistant.
  • Hyper Japan with Shokushu Boutique, met Yunchi 
  • Cyberdog 20th Anniversary party.
  • Promoted to Makeup specialist. 
  • Halloween. 
  • Christmas with Kei.
  • New Years! 
  • Left Cyberdog in Camden.
  • Moved to Birmingham.
  • Returned to Cyberdog Manchester <3 li="" nbsp="">
  • George Clinton and Parlament Funkadelic gig. 
  • Floating Lab London opens.
  • Lab Family / Squad shoot.
  • Expo.
While this year has been a little less eventful, there's still plenty of time for adventures, with that being said, here's some visual representations of the past 2 years ^^

- Japan - 

- 2013 -


- 2014 -

My work being featured on the postcard for Cyberdog!
Hyper Japan.
Cyberdog 20th Anniversary (The event got shut down so we partied in the store instead)

- 2015 -

Back with the babes at Cyberdog Manchester <3 nbsp="" p="">
Cyberdog Photoshoot.

It's been such and insane 2 years, I've met some of the best people ever, gained the love of amazing people, been stressed and blessed, experienced the good and the bad and I've grown so much as a person. I'm really excited for the future as there's so much left to happen. 

Anyway, till next time I'll see you guys later.

Have a good weekend 


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Back after a 2 year break...

Hey Cuties! 
To say it's been a while might be a bit of an understatement.. to say the least. But never the less I've decided to pick up blogging again as a creative outlet. 
This time however instead of just boring you with purikura and such, I'll be posting about life, work, beauty, adventures and all that good stuff. I might dive into a few reviews if it's helpful to anyone too.

I just wanna take a moment to all of the readers, past, present and future and I hope you enjoy what posts are gonna be coming.

I'll make sure I update the layout so it doesn't look so outdated too haha.

Anyway, see you soon and much luv 



Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yanki Face From Outer Space!

Sooo a couple of weeks ago I returned to London to stay with my friend Kei. I hadn't been to visit since November so it was a nice change.
Getting there turned out to be a total nightmare though.
My journey usually takes 1.5 hours.
However after 70 minutes on my train, we suddenly stop in Milton Keynes where the train waits for 30 minutes and is then terminated, and we're told that there "may or may not be a bus... they aren't sure" 
So another 25 minute wait and a bus turns up so I charge at it to make sure I get on. (there were a couple thousand stranded at the station so it was crazy) 
Anyway, the bus turns out to be real nice, so I pretended to be a rock star on tour and sat back to enjoy the ride... that was until it kicks us all off at Gatwick airport where I had to wait for a train, which turned out to be shitty and had some crack head looking business woman oh so subtly taking pictures of me = = 
After another hour, I have enough and jump off at Kentish town and eventually make it to Kei's place.
1.5 hour journey suddenly because a 5 hour journey ;^; 

Never the less, I got there and that's the most important thing.
After lunch we headed out and made a bee line for Camden since Kei wanted to pick up a playsuit and Japanese silk bondage rope from Cyberdog. 
Then we hot stepped it over to China Town for obligatory Purikura. 
(For those who aren't familiar with Power Up, it's an energy drink that we sell at Cyberdog. It's waaaayy stronger than Redbull/Rockstar/Monster and tastes lovely. PLUS IT COMES IN A HENTAI CAN!!!) 

After that we just bummed it around the park and got hit on by some strange guy who wanted to know every inch of our lives. Oh we did go to the arcade and play a million rounds of DDR until we nearly died. Very joyfully surprised to see Breakerz songs on there haha 
I can't remember what we did for the rest of the evening but we didn't get back until 2pm, 

The next day we headed back to Camden to meet up with the lovely Chriss. We went back to Cyberdog so that Kei could get some socks (And because I seem to live in Cyberdog... even on my days off hahah)
We enjoyed a nice lunch together and mooched around for a while before Chriss left for work.
So Kei and I went to get even more purikura... like the crack addicts we are!!
(This'll make sense if you follow Takeru on twitter)
The shop was also doing a deal so we ended up using another machine too. 
Which turned out to be pretty fun since the backgrounds were so jokes.
That's copyright infringement at it's finest! 

So after getting our fix, we kicked around and both bought matching Gundams! 
Sadly I had to leave shortly after, so we parted. 
I spent the journey building my lil Gundam.

It was a really fun weekend, it's always nice to see friends after a few months :D 
Anyway, Ima round it up here. So enjoy..

Gadget Show Live 2013.

At the beginning of April, I went t Birmingham to attend the spring edition of the Gadget Show live. (For those of you not familiar with the Gadget show, it's basically a TV program that tests the latest technology and showcases projects etc. They also give away like £25000 worth of prizes every week so it's pretty dope)
I've been trying to go for about 5/6 years but sadly every year something else comes up and prevents me from going. 
So as you can imagine.. I was pretty stoked to go! 

This was my look for the day. Yes.. I am a bit keen for blue = =
Anyway, we arrived at about half nine in the morning and took the time to do a lap around the first exhibition room, which featured "Future tech" Such as robotic lawn mowers and 3D printers. 

At 11am we headed over to the Super theater, where the main show would take place.
Whilst we were waiting they were setting up one of the contests by asking people to instagram a picture of themselves and tag it, to be chosen to win expensive shit.
Naturally I couldn't pass up such an opportunity, 
We sent this...
(My Dad took a picture of us up there but then deleted it by accident and ended up being really sad about it all day :c) 
The actual show was awesome!! We played an interactive video game than was controlled by the movement of the entire crowd. They had a mind controlled skateboard, invisible drum kit, robot cars, bad Elvis karaoke and a badass motherfucker called Titan
He was like 8ft tall and was the sassiest bitch ever hahah!!
(Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos because I was too interested in watching the show) 

When it was over we headed over to the larger exhibition hall where they had loads of stuff for sale and oggled  all of the beautiful gadgets! 
Holographic photo thing
saliva inducing speakers that cost more than I make in half a year. 
Racing car made from chainsaws :D 
They even had mothafuckin ROBOT WARS!!! I finally got to compete, a childhood dream fulfilled!! 
Only... my robot was a stupid shit and didn't know how to do anything I was trying to get it to do so spent most of the time spinning around. 
Sadly there were a ridiculous amount of headphone stalls (which was good at first cuz I was looking to buy some new ones) but they ended up pissing me off by being too desperate and shoving headphones on my head every five seconds and cranking them up way too loud. Talk about personal bubble invaders!! 
These little guys were amazing. His name was NAO and he was a lil robot made for helping autistic children learn. He was really chatty and could stand himself up when he fell.
And he got real crunk to a Gangnam style dubstep mix!! HAHAHA 
I fell in love with him so bad!! If I had £10000 then he would be going home with me... alas, we remain heartbroken and separated *sobbing*
I also met Robo-Jason. We hit it off~ 
He's now my boyfriend.
Isn't he beautiful?
Soo creepy omg hahah!! 
I really wish I had taken more pictures cuz there was so much amazing stuff to see. But most of mine came out blergh and I cba to get them from my dads camera soooo, sorry about that hah! 
As for stuff that I bought, I got my Dad some strange twisty cheese graters, some notebooks from which the paper was made out of stone- one for myself and one for my best bud. (Seriously though, it is so cool, it makes the paper waterproof, crinkle and tear resistant whilst also saving the planet from deforestation!!) 
aaaaand I got a sweet little device for my phone that lets you shoot photos and video in full 360, so you can move them around as you watch them. (the moving feature only works on the app tho)
I know that the resolution isn't amazing on it but it's the first model so it's still sort of in beta stage. However it is real fun to play around with, I really should use it more!

Overall the show was amazing and I really want wait to go to the Christmas one and the one next year too! 

Sorry if that awfully boring for you, I hope this song makes up for it~
BugLug - Guillotine