Monday, 24 May 2010

Super Smile Week ~ Birthday Edition!

Saturday was my 18th birthday, and instead of the usual british tradition of going out and getting trashed, making an idiot of myself, throwing up on someones shoes, feeling like a flattened oatcake the next morning and recoiling in horror at the photos that turn up on facebook, I decided to venture down to London with my best friend (P'Sa) and her little sis (Jasmin)!

What a good decition :D it was truly wonderful, besides it takin over 3 hours to get there and the face melting heat, i couldnt have asked for a better day!

We went to a japanese nail store to get my gel nails done (it cost a bomb and took ages, but was totally worth it)

Which was where we met up with Gigi, brilliant since we hadnt seen her since january!

Then we took the underground to China Town , geeze the london china town kicks the one in manchesters ass!! Gosh there was so many adorable things there *¬*

of course, no trip to China Town would be compleate without a spot of PURIKURA!!!!

Okay, so we come out of the pirikura shop, and Lisa drags me off on my own for a few minutes, and when we meet up with Gigi & Jas, they reveal a cute birthday cake (3 of 4 candles had blown out) It was so lovely of them, like seriously, Gigi had carried that around for a while O_O! we ate it with napkins and coffee sturrers (cuz we are SMART)

oh yeah, little life tip, no matter how tempting, NEVER feed a piegon chocolate cake, you'll just attract an entire flock of them (_ _'')

Sadly it was only a quick trip around the latter part of Camden, and we had to split!

Honestly... it was such an ace day! so many interesting things happening! SENSORY OVERLOAD!

... SCORE!!


  1. Oh Happy Birthday ♪
    I wish in Switzerland would have a China Town :/

  2. thank you :D
    you dont have one in switzerland? D: how sad, i thought they had them in every country