Friday, 8 June 2012

SCREW 『蠍-SASORI-』London 2012

It's about time I made this post, I finally have a free day to myself so here we are.
On the 30th of May, I found myself in London yet again, this time (as the blog title would indicate) to see the always fabulous SCREW!

I got to London at around 10.30am and decided to walk to the venue since it was only a 20 minute walk, and walking through Camden in the morning always makes me smile.
When I got there I found some Sarah, Aki and everyone. And Chriss, who had been patiently waiting from 10pm the night before (I APPLAUD YOU GIRL!)
(Image borrowed from Sarah) 

Me and Kei popped off to Camden Market for a little bit for an errand I had to run. We also enjoyed some Thai chicken.

I spent the morning getting to know some pretty damn amazing people who were all super lovely. But then... when SCREW updated their facebook with this picture...
Sarah, Rachel, Kei and I decided to go on a creepy mission to track them down. Sadly they weren't anywhere to be found. However they soon said that they were on their way to the venue so we decided to stay where we were. (Right by the back doors to the venue).  
This is my awkward 'Waiting for Byou' Face...

Low and behold, 20 minutes later THEY ARRIVED!!! And also cause a traffic jam of epic proportions whilst almost killing a poor cyclist with their bus. DAMMIT SCREW.. A TRAFFIC JAM IN LONDON... UNHEARD OF!! 
They look absolutely awesome when they got off the bus and waved at us.. my poor kokoro!! 
How the hell no one else from the que noticed the commotion going on, I shall never know. 

Alsas, Soon after Lisa arrived so we went on a horrendous adventure to find our hotel. (POINT - NEVER ask someone in a pharmacy for directions, they'll make you go waaaaayy too far D< ) 
We did eventually get there so put the finishing touches to our hair and make up. 
Our hotel detour caused us to be late meeting Bunny at the purikura place.. but we eventually did. And sooooo...
This is our PSC family portrait, in which I completely fail at making a serious face...
When we finished up there we headed back the venue where unfortunately it was raining = = WHY ENGLAND.. WHY?? So we took shelter in a phone box, where apparently this picture happened.. I do not remember this. 
My face looks amazing. 
The lovely Anima and I. 
Amazingly the weather suddenly picked up and it was blazing sunshine again. 
So everyone was in high spirits (some with the help of spirtis =A=) 
THEN SUDDENLY.. SCREW came out into the entrance cage and did a little photoshoot *heart attack* They looked so damn glorious!!
(Thanks to whoever took this) 
I love how they were getting their Visual Kei thing on whilst posing by a sign that said "No flip flops" ... beautiful! As you can imagine, at this point everyone was buzzing, but then they went back in TT^TT.

It wasn't long until we were finally let into the venue!! My lovely gang of people managed to snag good positions near the front, but when the show actually started a few of us pulled back because some massive meat heads decided to get way too rough (I have a nice cut on my face to prove it) But they weren't even there for SCREW, they just wanted to steal phones.. wankers. 
Lisa, Dayle and I still had a sweet view in the middle though. 

The show itself was just amazing, the member looked fabulous, they played beautifully and the crowd was lively.
Again, thanks to Electric Boom Webzine for these images..
The setlist for the night was awesome too; 
1. The Abyss
4. Cursed Hurricane
5. Ancient Rain
6. Gather Roses
7. Wailing Wall
8. Vegas
9. Kairos
10. Vanquish
11. Jellyfish
12. Raging Blood
13. S=R&B

14. Scarlet
15. Zansatsu Fiction

As always, I danced around like I was possessed and head banged so hard that my headband was almost airborne at several points. But I had the best time with the best people. 
Also, I can't get over how beautiful and photoshop perfect Byou looks in real life. FUCK YOU BYOU!! *sobbing* 

We headed round the back of the venue when the gig was over to wait for them to come out and wish them luck on the rest of the tour. And God did they take ages to come out. (We know what you were doing Byou.. not cool)  But it didn't matter because we were all still excited and having loads of fun, and that's all that really matters! 
When Lisa and I got back to the hotel, it was the early hours of the morning and we were both in so much pain haha. The sad thing was.. I had to be up at 4am to get a train to Manchester for work the next morning, so I was soo tired. 

Overall, it was fabulous. I met some incredible people, and made some pretty unforgettable memories. I hope we can all hang out soon! Thank you everyone, I love you all~
With that, I leave you with the heart melting...



    BYOU I love you man.

    Arghhh it was such a good time, though. I cannot think of a better way to spend a whole day, even if there was some fuckin weird stuff going on that my brain couldn't really comprehend, sleep starved as I was, but it was all worth it because BYOU PATTED ME ON THE HEAD.

    LOOLL anyways, it was super awesome to see you too gurl!


    He's a smooth mother fucker.

    Yeah, so many strange things happened that I couldn't even write about it all mang. I'm sure he loved the feel of your head. I got to hold his hand for a moment, it was fabulous.

    It was great to see you again too! x x x

  3. This concert was soo amazing! **

    1. It was! And it was really nice to meet you too~
      I hope you enjoyed London x x x


    You got tagged with the Liebster Blog Award! X3~