Sunday, 15 May 2011

Where has Visual Kei gone?

This post is probably alot different to my usual ones, I hope its not too shit....
Lately I've been noticing, not many people are into Visual Kei any more.
Not nessasairly the music, but I never see any VK bloggers and rarely see any... unique VK styled people at gigs, I mean there are people, but it's only ever the typical "VK shorts x legcover" combo.
It would be wonderful to see some fresh styles, both online and in england. (If you know of any good Vk bloggers, please do tell me, Id love to read their blogs)

It seems that more people are into Pop Kei, Lolita and Gyaru, which I totaly adore, but It does seem to leave me missing the daring VK kids.  OH NOSTALGA!!

I hope I dont sound like a pretentious twat ...... =n=''

Anyway, it seems that aot of people on Tumblr consider my style as VK, (I honestly never thought of myself as VK, I wouldnt know what you'd call my taste.... Tokyo Trash?) Which is a MASSIVE compliment for me, I used to try so hard to look VK, and nobody could tell, so then I stopped trying and now people see XDDD haha!!
But recently, Ive been really focused on styling, and I have to say, the new age of VK and Jrock looks rather tasty to me, so I guess I'll be rotating more towards that, as well as taking a dose of Gyaru, Pop Kei and whatever else I can dig my claws into. Please look forward to it ;D

Anyway, here's a picture of me wearing rediculous monster lashes.
Have a nice evening!!


  1. Monster lashes. Do want. Where are they from?

  2. @Kitty oh they are just full fan style ones I had laying around so I cut them up into a nicer style. -w- xxx

  3. I agree with everything in this entry.
    I miss it :/ I miss dressing and styling in vk so much. I just... don't have any inspiration anymore because, like you said, all the "old" vk people are getting into gyaru and all that jazz, and that way they also ... hmm "drag" other ones into it as well (I've been a "victim" lol)

    All my vk friends are gyaru now, and I myself ... well... I don't even dress properly anymore.
    You need to know this.

    That everytime I see your face, may it be here, tumblr or anywhere else, it makes me so happy.

    Your styling is so ... FLAWLESS and you are so pretty and cute, and YOU ROCK THE HAPPY-NEO-whatevz-VK style!
    And I just want back to the good old vk days ;-;

    Actually, on Friday I dressed the most vk I've dressed in.. years, and it was after I saw a picture of you! It felt so good lol.

    I'm sorry, I seem like creeper now, don't I? ;_;

  4. I know what you mean, most my friends are into gyaru but I prefer VK :/

    I'd love to know more VK bloggers too. I can't wait to see more of your style. I'm hoping to make a visual kei fashion blog my own self. :3

  5. I've been noticing this lately as well as lots of vk bands disbanding. Tbh I've lost touch with vk music recently not because of gal or anything, the majority of gyarus I know still love vk music but there's just becoming less and less people dressing vk. I wouldn't say there are many people turning to gal instead though and if anything i think certain styles of gal like rokku can be a part of vk in a way.

    I guess it doesn't matter what you look like or how you dress in the end if you still have the love for the music right? I mean personally I've never dressed vk but I've always loved it both music and fashion wise.

    Either way you rock vk and I hope you continue to carry on the style

  6. you makeup is amazing <3 you should do a video putting it on! I don't even want is for a tutorial I'm just so curious how you do it all so perfectly haha <3

  7. @☆⌒ miriam, I do think its awesome that alot of people are progressing in styles together, its really cute but it does make me miss their old styles sometimes.
    And thank you so much, I genuinley blushed quite a bit (I didnt find it creepy at all, just flattering), and It makes me glad to hear that.. Id love to see pictures xx

    @Arieru VK bloggers seem to be great at hiding in the vast pixels of the internet. Can't wait to see yours! xxx

    @Kimiko_x Indeed, you're right, Ive seen quite alot of rokku brands and found clothes that would look amazing in a VK cooord :D xxx

    @Rei Thank you darling <3 I did try to do one recently, but it was awful and things went horribly wrong T^T xxx

  8. is the same on Spain, everyone is envolved in gyaru style and korean wave at thise moments and is really hard to find some serious vk fans...
    this is why looking some blogs about vk people i found yours last week ;P
    i love your look! yey!

  9. I've noticed the same. Here where I live are lots of gyarus, but I still prefer VK.
    That style is just so awesome and cool ever.
    I have to say that last time I dressed up VK-clothes (last summer), and that was kinda awkward cause everybody were watching me so weirdly (probably because they were all gyarus or lolitas or something like that). So that's why I don't do it very often anymore, even tho I still love it very much.

    I've also though that VK isn't very good choice for me, cause I look very girly, my face is roud etc. and people say that I should try lolita or something else girly-thing. I just don't want to, and nowdays I really try to create some "feminine-VK"-style for me and get inspiration from some feminine jrockers etc. It just feels quite hard, but I try my best.

    Cool that you made a post about this, and btw I really like your style! ♥
    (and sorry about my bad english, lol)

  10. FFFFFFFF! Why didn't I know about your blog here earlier? `__´

    Anyway, I've kind of noticed that too even though it might probably be a bit different here in Germany.
    I'm not really ~in the scene~ of all this anymore but from what I can still tell is that since a couple of years I rarely did see any VK people here. Most of them have either grown out of it completely , got lost in whereever or switched to a different style. And the kiddos who now grow into the scene are mostly sort of Decora kiddos, Gyaru or whatever else. It's really rare that I stumble about somebody I could really sort into that VK or at least Oshare-Kei sort of thing. But to be honest in some ways it's a little relief because even back in the days where VK what still big, the people who I could actually consider well dressed where few. I hope saying that doesn't make me sound too stupid /D
    It's weird anyhow because I feel so old compared to the kids who are into all this stuff now. I'm a granny ;;

  11. @Aeris I guess its an international thing XD which is a shame.. VK's getting lonely! xxx

    @Lou you really shouldnt let people make you feel awkward for being the only one dressed like that, you sparkle and stand out ladie!! Girly VK is quite difficult to do, but if it's a look you wanna try, I really think it would look amazing on you! (p.s your english was perfect) xxx

    @Mio yeah, Ive noticed that whenever someone is new to the japanese fashion scene, in the old days they started liking VK/oshare/decora whereas now its more Pop Kei and Lolita. Oshare seems almost extinct now T^T. LOL definatly more strange VK styles back then but when you saw someone dressed well... boy did they look GOOOD!!
    I know what you mean, I feel like a veteran of Visual Kei, and Im only 18 *sobs* xxx

  12. o.m.g. I love you. (sorry, I'm quite mad >>) This post shows... ALL my feeling. It's sucks that that's soooooo oooold but anyway I need to write this comment. I really need some VK lovers ANYWAY in the internet but what I always find is only Lolitas and Pastel Goths..... I don't know even how is that possible. >______>" anyway, I love you, by. XD