Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Attack the Block

So, I've just come home from going to see this film in the cenima.....

I felt the need to instantly blog about it upon my return.
After being informed that the American film scene looked a little dry this year, and that the world was turning towards the UK for it's movie fix, I was a little skepical. But I can honestly say that this film exceeded all of my expectations.

It was a cleverly written script, filled with action and humor, yes, I actually laughed more at this than in an actual comedy. Although, Im not totally sure that International viewers will understand some of it, as its not just "good ol english humor" It is infact, very relevant to British people.. which is why it's funny...

The cast was awesome and the Aliens.... I was actually a little frightened of them. Lets just say, Im quite scared of the dark, and well.....the special effects department did an excellent job of capturing that. Well done you~

Anyway, I advise that you definatly go and see this, It will not dissapoint! I'm tempted to see it again next week XD

British cenima, Im so proud of you!


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