Saturday, 29 October 2011

Alton Towers Scarefest.

Hello~ hope you're all having a good weekend so far.
On Tuesday, Krista came over to my place, where we spent the night watching Alice Nine's recent Nico nico and Tokyo Galaxy dvd. Fun allll niiight!
Next morning we woke up pretty early because .. dun dun duuuunnn... We were going to Alton Towers Scarefest!! For those who don't know, Alton Towers is the best theme park in the U.K (I will hear no objections) Located about an hour away from my house. (Stupidly we didn't take any pictures of our own.. so google has been a helper here) 
I've been going there with my family since I was a tiny little kid, and it's my favorite place ever.
We got there around 11 and had to que for our tickets = = but when we finally got inside we headed straight to Forbidden Valley for my all time fave.. NEMESIS!
Nemesis is always what I go on first because it gets me really pumped! River of blood, fighting a monster.. whats not to get excited about? 

So after getting dizzy and jelly-legged from that we walked all the way across the park to the X-Sector for OBLIVION. 
Every time I go on this, I'm always thinking "What the fuck am I doing OMG, I AM GOING TO DIE!!" Because.. as you can see, it's a vertial drop into a giant black hole, so it does wonders for my vertigo hahah!! All that said, it makes you feel like a boss when you get to the other side. (I even bought a sparkly keyring to proclaim said boss-ness!) 

We walked around for a little bit to see what was on, because they have different events going on throughout the park. Next up we headed to the Dark Forest and joined the que for another favorite, the newest coaster.. THIRTEEN. 
(Just gonna post the logo for this, because it's one of those rides that are best kept secret) 
We ended up queing for this for 2 long hours, despite having a fast track pass (aka... que jumper) but we were saving it >D Despite getting angry at the fucking annoying family infront of us and the terribly long wait, we were excited, but then panicked when the guy put us on the front 2 seats. Which turned out to be completely amazing! Almost shit myself. 

Next.. REITA! (officially called RITA, but whatever) 
(It;s had a makeover since then so it looks creepy and more like THIRTEEN)
Hopped the majority of the que thanks to our fast passes >D Krista was practically shitting herself because she'd never been on it before, and watching it from the que is rather daunting. Basically.. it takes off and reaches something like 100 mph in 2 seconds. The photo's taken of you on this are always funny, but this time, I challenged a derp off with her... I DERPED LIKE A GOD! Which ruined the photo of the people infront of us too =w= like a boss
We got off RITA and walked around some more, going through the Zombie Walk that had been set up. Now, I confess... Zombies frankly scare me senseless, but it was more amusing than scary. Although very well done so kudos. I can imagine it being siiiick at night though. Bit annoying that all of them came for me and not Krista D< 

After that to kill some time we went on CONGO RIVER RAPIDS. 
we got put into a boat with this lovely family, who treated us a bit like their adopted daughters. Hilariously one of the young boys got the brunt of most of the waves, but then I got slapped by karma for laughing when going through the waterfalls, and ended up soaked on one side ;A; ALL IN GOOD FUN~
As a special treat for thr Scarefest.. they had these boys floating down the river...
Only they had arms when we saw them... 

By the time we got back to the Dark Forest, it was night time, and time for *dun dun duuun * THIRTEEN IN THE DARK!!! So, using our fast passes, we hopped most of the que, ended up at the very front of the train again and pumped up ready for it. Boy, was it so much better in the dark, I didn't know weather to scream or laugh with joy.. so I think i did a strange kind of ... hysterical scream-laugh-cackle... :S IT WAS INSAINEEEEE!! Seriously, if you ever get the chance, go on it in the dark, on the front seat.. mind blowing! 

We had to get the bus home after that ): but we had an immense day, now I'm waiting for march when the park re-opens. GONNA GET A SEASON PASS! 
Wow, what a crap blog entry, sorry... Thanks if you read this far haha! 
I'll write something more interesting for you all next time, I promise.

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