Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Japan Underground.

God this week has been a busy one, I'm so tired but I'll blog before I melt into a puddle and die or else I'll never do it. 

So on Saturday, I was up at stupid o'clock and on an early train to Kent, where some hours later I met up with Kei and headed to her house so that she could finish getting ready (and boy.. did that take forever). So when she finally emerged and was ready, we hopped on yet another train and traveled to London (second time that day for me). 
In china town we met up with my bby girl Hizu. Who I haven't seen in so long, So it was wonderful seeing her again. 

First stop was puricura.. as per usual. Y'know... as you do~ (I assure you, not all of our puri was about boobs and Mokkori) Tora fans UNITE!!! (note my magical pointy penis drawing talents)
After that Kei and I nipped into the Japan Center to see if they had Kera with Takeru on the cover... they didn't, we were dissapoint! Hizu met up with us again along with her friend Ray before we ventured to waitrose for vodka. 
Note mine and Kei's majestic devil horns... turns out, they attract alot of nice attention. In waitrose alone a member of staff called me "A beautiful devil" and an over posh child came over and announced that he liked out costumes and that he was going as a vampire or possibly a witch for Halloween... alright...? 
So after that we headed to the park, meeting up with Adam for pre-drinks (I stuck to my Fiji water, because that is how I roll) We also fed pringles to squirrels, uwaaa *A*

Theeeeen we went to the venue for the Japan Underground event. Now this was the first one I had ever been to, but I was informed that, despite being early, it was unusually busy. So with Silly God Disco playing and already socializing with people, I was having a pretty darn good time. 

After a little while the first band, HondaLady came onstage. And even though it was still early they were very energetic and got the crowd pumped. I was really enjoying them, y'know dancing around n stuff when all of a sudden the Vocalist jumped off the stage, parted the crowd, grabbed my hand and proceeded to serenade me....I literally have no idea why (But Kei found it so amusing that she tweeted about it numerous times) Still, they were awesome. 

Next up was the wonderful GalapagosS, Featuring members Metranome and Floppy. So as you can imagine I was ecstatic to be stood right infront of them, they are amazing in real life. They were not only energetic and crowd pleasing but really tight and together as they played, which was just wicked!! So gutted that I didn't have any cash on me because I wanted to get an EP T^T Why do I only carry my bank card. 

The headliner, I sadly didn't hear that much because we were all sat on a couch chilling and talking. But from what I did her, they were sick and I've been listening to them alot since I got home. Since they were an adorable 3 piece jpop band, and I'm sure it's no secret that I'm a massive Jpop feind. We also spoke to the Vocalist on the bathroom a few times, she was too cute. Check them out~

Me and Kei ended up leaving early, having to catch the last train home. So we arrived home at like 2/3 am =A= listening to the worlds most annoying Katy Perry fans on the way there. By the time we got home though, we were both feeling somewhat refreshed, but went to bed anyway. 
Let me share pictures from the event, featuring my giant head. 

The next day, waking up late, me and Kei eventually dragged ourselves into the world of consciousness and made cheese toast. Bitches love cheese toast... even if it does talk half a fucking hour to make.
I had to leave at about 4, but I stopped off in London for CCLemon and green tea stuff. Then Train home. Mission accomplished. 
All in all it was an awesome weekend and I really enjoyed myself. It was great seeing each and every one of you. So I hope to go to the next Japan Underground. 
Wow.. that was probably the longest entry I've done so far, congrats if you read it all. ^u^ anyway, Time for me to kick back and practice bass before I sleep. Thanks for reading, wuv youuuuu! xxx 


  1. It was awesome to see you toooo.

    And hey, hey, bitches love devil horns, k? Especially small, posh boys in Waitrose. Sexual predators they are.

    I'm still on a massive GalapagosS high omg. GOKIMIIIIIIII~~~~

  2. (=w=) I want your hair <3 So pretty~ haha
    May I ask what foundation/facepowder you use? (T^T) You look so flawless! <3

  3. You are so adorable! ;ω;

    At first I thought that those little devil horns in the purikura pictures were just decorations, haha! Where did you get yours from? They look so cool!

    Oh, and I really love your hair~ <3
    It looks perfect on you!

  4. @Koboshi-ichigo Well, you know little posh kids, just out for whatever they can get! Same here bro~ They were amaziiiing!!! I hope you had a good time xxx

    @rivriv Thank you! I use L'oreal infalliable liquid and Angel Care honey soft UV protection powder. ^^ xxx

    @sugar-trick Thank you so much ;A; ahah I can see how you thought that. They are from KreepsVille 666, but I customized them because I didn't like them in red. Thank you ^//u//^ you're too sweet xxx