Sunday, 9 October 2011

People, Things and a Long Ass week!

Hello, everyone. Just a haphazard update this time, including a few pictures. BUM DA DUUUUUUMMM!!
First off, at some point last week, I went to Manchester too see my friend Toni, although on the train ride there I bumped into some old school friends and ended up having a nice catch up session with them. Arriving in Manchester, Toni and I wandered around, got some baked goods and just chilled out for a few hours. We got sweets... they were divine. She also got me a Marie gachapon ring and a Chip keyring to match the Dale one ;A; so cute! 

Then Last weekend Krista came over to stay, and as per usual we headed to Tim Thai to stock up on Japanese food, then went back to mine and glued ourselves to the computer to L O L at Alice Nine's nico nico. Time well spent. She left the next day ¬_¬'' and then on the Monday my Dad and his girlfriend went on holiday, and on Tuesday my Sister also went on holiday. Which left me HOME ALONE!! 
I did attempt to build a fortress in my living room and have a one person party, but the conversation was a little dry and I had no body to dance with.... Party Unsuccessful... Bad times! 
So on Wednesday, Mum rescued me and we went shopping, I don't remember buying anything... I know I did....oh yeah, Nail polish, eyebrow shit and a sparkly childs beret. (Y) 

Bah blah blah, week was shit. THE POINT IS, MY SHIT FROM JAPAN ARRIVED!! Grab your umbrellas because there's gonna be a picture shower. 
I was expecting it to be in a bag, so when it arrived in a big box, I was quite surprised. 

First thing I opened was this handcuff necklace from Monomania. I am officially in love with it!! They even colour coordinated the bag and card with it ;3; 
Golden Bomber x Sex Pot Revenge 

Milklim x Funky Pent. I didn't take into account just how bloody huge this thing is, I have no idea how I'm going to coordinate this = ='' 
Omocha Party x SPINNS. Okay, now this was the shirt I was most excited about. I adore the kids who created this so of course I had to have it! (And it came with little badges, how can you not get excited over that?) 
Theeeen I got a few Cd's that I've spent about 3 years searching for (Except the LM.C one, i got that because it was ¥200)  After such a long time scouting the whole of the internet (Every webpage ever in existence) I finally stumbled across my beloved Sinners and Givuss CDs *sobbing for life* On the Sinners disk, I noticed something really adorable..... 
Maya has never looked so seductive XD 

Boy, that was alot of pointless pictures.... OH WELL, I'm sure nobody minds all that much. huhuhu!  
Yesterday, Lisa came to mine for a visit and got me some goodies from her trip to Thailand and Hong Kong Disney land. SO that was really cool! 
It's kind of felt like Christmas with all of the new stuff I got this week. hahaa!

I promise to blog sooner this week, and it'll be more interesting for you.... Hopefully.. Until then, I leave you with an awkward picture of me enjoying my huge tent of a shirt. 
P.S thanks to everyone who started following me recently, I have no idea where you all came from, but I'm really grateful. xxx 


  1. All the things you bought are so cute! I love it ☆
    Can I ask you where you bought all these things? (>_<) Especially the monomania necklace, it's so great! I really like this brand but it's hard to find a shop which ships their stuff overseas (´ロ`;)

  2. @Yuzu I got them all from the online shops, Unfortunately I had to use a shopping service because the stores don't ship overseas :C It cost alot more that way, but it's worth it. I hope that helps xx

  3. Loving all the new things you got (^__^)those shirts are adorable :3
    and (>w<) gahhh I wish I was as pretty as you nyaaa~ <3 x x

  4. @rivriv thank you so much! xxx

  5. Ohwww, I wish I could find a sinners CD ;__;° You're so lucky!!

  6. Oh! Omocha party top! :O I'm rather jealous!!
    So much cute stuff, I can't wait to get over to Spinns and buy loads of stuff there :D :D :D