Saturday, 24 September 2011


I'm not doing well at updating this once a week. Oh well, huhuhu!!
So Recently I've been up to some kind of exciting things. Including finding out that I'll be an adoptive sort-of-but -not-actually-related- aunt, which is so amazing! 

I've also had a few deliveries of cosmetics and such, so I've been trying out some new looks, that I may or may not write about, depending how I/you guys feel about it. 
One of those deliveries was this fetching wig...
Every one keeps saying they think black suits me better, which is really depressing T^T I'll never dye it back because it's taken 18 months and 15 bleaches to get the last bit of black out of my hair! BOOOOO! 
Still it's nice to be able to change colours so freely, so wigs are fun.. itchy and warm, but fun regardless. 

I went to see the Inbetweeners movie last weekend. I cried with laughter. So funny omg!! Once it's on DVD I'm so getting it, so that I may leek fluid from my face all over again. 

This upcoming week, I'm off to see my friend Toni in Manchester. Then I'm off to the studio to do a photoshoot with the beautiful Lisa. There's a few other things too, but meh, I don't think you'd be interested yet fufufufu!!
Anyway, I'm off to watch you've been framed and snort with laughter forever... so I leave you with a picture of Tora.... 


  1. hey girl ♥ errrrm....i just wanted to tell you that I think you are a freaking hottie ;A; ♥ you are so beautiful ♥♥

  2. oh and I' m trying to get my haircut like yours on the header-picture for ages,but I think I'm too silly for this oAo

  3. @Nyu Icecream Thank you so much *////* honestly, you're too kind.
    Of course you're to too silly for it, I think it's suit you (Though your current hair is so lovely) xxx

  4. I only just found your blog but might I say: WOW! You are soso pretty (T___T) nyaaaaa I want to steal you away <3 haha /creeping myself out/ >3>;;
    I love your makeup! (OwO) you are so talented~
    And I see you live in the UK aswell >w< kyaa~ I do too ^__^ heehee <3

  5. @rivriv Wowee, thank you so much! That's alright, you're not creeping me out >D.
    Thank you, ahh good to hear from a reader in the Uk, I hope you're well xx