Thursday, 8 September 2011

Where you been lately?

I've decided to start blogging a little more regularly, rather than just once a month. I feel as if I'm loosing communication with most sites as I don't post on FB, Tumblr or here as much as I used to.. twitter however is unfortunate enough to still have to deal with me. LOL! 

Last week I finished my work experience, this was how I looked most days. Except I tied my hair back to look more professional. 

You can see how strange my piercings look when I put retainers in (@Д@;I will defiantly not miss having to wear that horrible red shirt!! 

Since then I just went to visit my Mum, which was nice as we don't fight anymore, so we can just relax and have a laugh. I've also just been mooching around at home so nothing hugely exciting.
Although it has given me time to reflect on my cosmetics, since I use very cheap makeup and have recently suffered a few eye infections, I decided to start using better quality products. WOOHOO!!
This little baby arrived a few days ago... 
It's the Milky White face highlighter by Canmake Tokyo, I've been looking at it for a few months now, and finally decided to try it out. Although I still haven't even opened it yet, so I'm excited to use it ( ´艸`)

Today has been a day of productivity and work (with a side order of  stalking Uchuu Sentai Noiz on twitter)
I've finally kicked my newest project into gear, so I'm in the mist of research and buying equipment for it. As well as setting up shoot locations and studio time with the models. So I'm really anxious get going with everything.
This project is not like anything I've ever done before, BUT I WILL ACCEPT MY OWN CHALLENGE!!! 
And no, not all of my research is The Gazette (though alot of it is www) 
Anyway, I guess I must return back to getting shit done and all that.. so I leave you with a picture of me looking like a moody elf... Enjoy~

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