Monday, 29 August 2011

Bit over dramatic, it's only a bollock!

I'm becoming so awful when it comes to updating this blog. I've missed yet another month = =''
Not that alot has happened that would be of much interest. 
I went to a safari park with my family a few weeks ago, it was brill, my sister got slobbered on my a camel, I got pecked by an emu and we had 17 baboons sat on our car... a normal day really. 
Then a few weeks ago I went to visit Kei again, had fun, as usual. 
We encountered creepy prepubescent assholes in KFC who kept trying to get me to turn around to take a photo of me, and generally being a bargain bucket full of lol. 

I also spent a good amount of time being a hermit and watching Dirty Sexy Things. 
Which is actually hella better than the cheesy name would lead you to believe. It's a reality show following 8 models on various shoots with he fucking amazing Perou. (Whom gives me a photography boner) Ariella, the blonde chick, such an annoying bint OMG! I do advise you watch it on 4OD if you have a spare afternoon. 

In other news, I started my work experience last week, which involves me shelf stacking, dealing with a million customers asking for things I have never heard of, all whilst wearing a ridiculous red shirt which clashes horribly with my hair. My name badge also says "My name is Johnathan, valued employee since 2009" .... neither of these statements are true. I have to tone my piercings, big lenses and makeup down too. 

resulting in me looking like a poesy boy. I finish the work experience on Saturday, so if all goes well I might have a job at the end of it *all body parts crossed* 
Anyway, I'm going to watch The Inbetweeners until my brain melts out of my nose. 

Morning Benders, jump in the minge mobile.

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  1. Good luck honey ~ ☆

    ...And I really want to see The Ibetweeners movies, it looks proper good.