Saturday, 10 March 2012

Memoirs of a Hoodlum Marshmallow.

Good evening space fans! I hope you're all well~
Thought it was about time for a little update, and when I say little I mean "quite a bit longer than I'm probably going to anticipate" So hold onto your hats...

So last Saturday I went to Kent to see my friend Kei for her 19th Birthday and Japan Underground.
This was how I looked, I even decided to dye my undercut blue! It was so bright! 
It took so much longer than usual because I had to take a bus for a good portion of the journey =A=. But I eventually got there.
We headed to the station with her older sister - Heather and one of her dude friends (Whom I do not remember the name of. Because I wasn't a massive fan of him) and after more busses and trains we finally got to London.
First stop... Purikuraaa!!
(I think we can all appropriate Kei's face in this one..)
Me and Kei ended up doing a duo one while Heather kept her friend company.
Unfortunately, Heather wasn't feeling so good so decided to head back home. Which was a real shame D:
From then on, Kei and I were flying solo. We headed over to Japan Center and inevitably I bought SHOXX. I mean, how could I not when it had LM.C, Alice Nine, GazettE, Nightmere AND VIVID?
So we were chilling out with our lunch while we spazzed over Visual Kei gods, when the most adorable american couple came and took pictures with us and conversed about their daughters for a while. (It seemed Tourist photo sessions and conversations were a common thing that day, pretty much everywhere we went)
It wasn't suprising considering Kei looked like a camp Chewbacca in her huge pink fur coat. 

After heading to Camden for some noms, we decided not to go to JPU. Agreeing that we'd much prefer to stroll around the city romantically instead. Only to retire and go home as it got quite late. 
ON the journey back we ended up playing such classic games like "Fuck, Marry Kill?" and "Would you rather" .. In which the question "Would you rather rim Miku (ew), or rim Kisaki (ew)?" Was asked far too often. 

It was such a wicked day, every single person I spoke to from 4am to the time we went to bed were all so lovely and complimentary. It was almost strange in a way..  a fabulous way. 

On Monday, I woke up with such good feeling. Only to find a wonderful little package at my door only an hour later... 
Alice Nine's "9" and HONDALADY's Gimiabureiku.
I was so happpyyyyy~ Not gonna lie, I was mildly more excited about the HONDALADY album. I promise I am a good A9 fan, I promise!! 

The on Tuesday after a phone call from my mother, I ended up going on a spontaneous trip to IKEA (Who doesn't get excited at the prospect of going there?) Where I tried to look for shelving units, but instead ended up trying out all of the mattresses and riding the trolleys like a skate board. I wish my mother didn't encourage that kind of behavior = =. 

Anyway, that all from my week. I have to mention that yesterday was The GazettE's DECADE anniversary. So congratulations are in order for them! 

With that.. I'll leave you with a cute little song from my archives... Enjoy and have a good weekend ~
Squash Cherish - Chokoreshon.