Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I got the skill from the ROCKとHIP-HOP

How's it going? 
I've had a pretty chill few weeks recently, thought it might be about time to blog again. 
The other week Krista came to visit and we went to the cinema. Now... for those who don't know, I hate horror/scary films with a passion, and I never ever watch them. However- since there was nothing else on that day we went to see... 
Now to be fair, it was a really really good film. Ascetically glorious and well made. (There apparently like 15minutes solid where there's no dialog). However about 10 minutes in, Krista and I jumped out of our skin at a tap.. a tap!! There were alot of jumpy moments that had us swearing. Since all the creepy stuff was happening in the background I decided just to focus on Dan's face... BUT my tactic was ruined by a certain window scene.. which shamefully made me physically scream rather loud =////////= (the other 9 people in the screen laughed at me)
Don't think I ever want to see this film again, but it was awesome anyway!! 

I spent alot of time at my Mother's house these past few weeks and helped her decorate. (When I say help, I really mean cuddle the dog while I sleep on Mum's bed in the sunshine as she paints the room) 
Still it was nice to see her again. 

I recently took all of my extensions out since they were getting on my nerves. I really miss having long hair now, but at the same time after cutting my hair shorter again, I'm quite enjoying short style. 
I even attempted suji mori. 
(My phone didn't capture it well though = ='') 

Other than that, I've been going to lot's of meeting and stuff, just walking around and enjoying the sweet spring weather. VIVA SPRING! 

Right then. Since I've forgotten everything else that I wanted to write, I'll leave you to enjoy the sunny sound of .... 
SPLASH - 24 

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