Saturday, 23 April 2011

☆Iku & Popi's Deco Competition! ☆

☆Calling all crafty creatures!! ☆
It's time to make your Spring time super sparkly, So dig out your gems, glitter and crazy glue and enter our competition for the chance to win some amazing prizes!
So what do we want you to do?
Being the lovely sunny season, we want to see you create a Spring themed masterpiece.
This can be the traditional decoden, or on anything you have laying around (boxes, headphones, shoes etc) You could even go for the good ol' easter egg, But be sure to make it Spring themed!! 
☆We do ask that you have an active Tumblr account, you will need to follow Me and Popi (This is so we can keep you updated with any information and help you with any questions you may have).
First place will win this rather tasty collection of goodies, Including Kigu, necklaces, bag, bath treats and much much more!! *Explodes*

Second place will win this adorable necklace and bathset!.. yummy!! 
Third place will win this tangy little necklace! Nom!

❤How to enter! ❤

☆Send a clear photograph of your creation with a handwritten card containing your Tumblr URL to Please do not send questions to this adress, if you do have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, or at Popi's formspring...

❤Rules & Guidelines ❤
☆You must be the owner of the art, to be sure, we will not accept any entries that have a digitally added watermark/URL, It MUST be handwritten.
☆Only ONE entry per person please.
☆We do accept joint entries.
☆ Please no graphic content. (Although we agreed, Deco'd boobies would be halarious!)
☆ You can be from anywhere in the world, So dont be worried if you dont live in the UK.
The competition will run from April 24th GMT untill May 7th. All entries sent after this time, sadly will not be vaild. We will be judging the entries From May 8th. The winners will be announced on  Blogspot and Tumblr, and will be asked to provide their email so we can contact you!
Entries will be judge of how appropriate the theme is, remeber... Spring themed and also on creativity! So get crafty!
We would also like to add that this is a non profit contest, Prizes will be despatched at our discretion and we cannot be heald responsible for any loss or damage that may occur during shipping.

Most importantly, Have fun, enjoy yourselves and get creative!
Good Luck! (●´ω`●)ゞ

Special Thanks ❤ -bag and badges accessory haul - doodle necklaces - bath and body sets - kiguuuu!

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