Monday, 9 May 2011

Star Mine!

Hello everyone, Its been a while I think.
Well I've been home for almost a week now, but have been too ill and tired to blog.
Anywhoo, Im feeling better now so I can get back to the point.

Last Thursday (the 28th) I traveled to Brighton to stay with my wonderful friend Popi. It wasnt too bad getting there this time, I actually got there a couple of hours early (ノ_-。)
When she did finish work, she took me out for a meal in a bar filled with randy males and loud metal music, it was great!!
On the Friday, we were suppoosed to go to London to see Nana Kitade, but yeah, that didnt happen so instead we went to Brighton and baught lots of crafty things. We also had a "foundation fitting" by YSL, it was kinda awkward, I hate people touching my face and makeup like that >A< but in a way it felt kinda nice!

Saturday she was at work so I hung out with her bro at the house. Sunday I went back to brighton and met up with her, Hizu, Imy Ashii and Suki's "gang". I havent seen them in a long time (the last time I saw Ashii was oct 2009) So as you can imagine, I felt very happy to see them! I also discovered that I cannot eat an entire burger king burger *full*
When Suki n his friends buggered off, we all went back to Popi's place (sadly Imy went home cuz she felt ill T^T).
Next day they had to part from us ・°・(ノД`)・°・ So we decided to do Popi's Hair!
It's so colourfuuuuuulll!!!
On monday we went to Popi's old house, which may I add, is wonderfuly decorated and huge! To do a photoshoot.
You can see more here....
On tuesday, my final day there, Popi's family had moved back home from america, so we went round to visit. Then left and went to the park to laze around and listen to Gollbetty.
KA Sparkling~ My fizzy, tasty new lover!!
We did see the most amazing thing on the way home....
There was no other humans around, so it was even stranger, BEST THING EVER!!

On wednesday, I had to go home, but I stopped off in London to buy KERA and some weeaboo food ~Doriyakiiiiii~ (;^ω^A I also picked up this....
In Pink! I compleatly adore it and now really feel the need to get the blue one too, IM A SUCKER FOR BLUE SHIT!

All in all I had a fantastic weeek!!
Missing everyone already! (●´ω`●)ゞ

(Man, that was awkwardly written, Sorry, I dont like writing these kind of blogs cause it makes it too listy, and im sorry for lack of good pictures, >A<) Anyway, have a lovely day!


  1. Youre so sweet
    and you both have amazing hair :D

  2. Where did you get the chocomint clip?! :o

    Sadness that I couldn't hang out with you D: do you know when you're next coming down? :)

  3. @Sami Spoon, thank you very much, so kind of you to say! ^////^

    @Pandora I got it from a random shop in London, I dont remember the name though sorry ;A;

    I literally have no idea tbh, depends when I have spare time x money XD