Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Past two weeks have been a bit depressing, But i had a lovely day out with my best friend, so I guess Its okay!

We went to a Milkshake bar, called.. Milkshake
Inventive, I know!
Mine was marshmallow and jellytot. OMFG!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!
Lisa has fererro roche (or however the fuck you spell it)

I keep having dreams about Shou, its fucking annoying (but kinda lovely)

On saturday, Im off to london again for the MCM Expo! But first Im going to meet up with some friends in china town for PURIKURA!!
Gonna be fun!!

In other news, I had an accident yesterday, and Im now left with a huge dark bruise that take up a good third of my forearm, I hope it fades by saturday .___.

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