Saturday, 12 February 2011

Baking wiz Mama!!

Today my Mother and I were baking cakes for a naming ceramony she's going to tomorrow. It was so much fun, but I swear I feel so sick now, as collectivly we must have consumed over a billion calories due to spoon licking.
I havent baked in a while, so it was so fun (●^皿^●)

These are the cakes Moma made *points upwards*
annd, those are mine!! LOL!
After making those beasts, we both nipped into town to buy hairdye. I decided I didnt like the way the Palty dye came out ;n; so Im dying over it.

OH!! I also booked my Miyavi ticket... WOOH!!! Now I just need to get my Girugamesh one, and Nana Kitade.... how exciting :D

btw, I do have a few posts about this past week cause Ive had alot of fun, but Im waiting for my friend to upload the photos = =
Anyway, have a lovely week!!


  1. oh awesome cupcakes, lucky there are many concerts to attend in the UK, I wish more bands came to California like they do in your place. :3

  2. @nicole
    Thank you ^////^
    Yeah, sadly there was an unfortunate amount of bands leaving the uk out of their EU tours last year, so we only got a few artist over her (and I only got to see Hangry and Angry)but that just makes it more wonderful when they do come over.... which is probably why Im totally cool with traveling over 4 hours to see them hahaha!
    I do hope you guys get more over there though D: xxxx

  3. aha same here, i'm cool with traveling for hours too, I remember I traveled 6 hours just to see LM.C, it was totally worth it..but some are just too far, it would be very expensive. D;

    I love your style btw, your very pretty :3

  4. @nichole you saw them too *¬* thats awesome!! I cried so much through the show T^T and was almost sick when it came to meeting them *shame~*
    Yeah,m sometimes it just not worth it.. unfurtunatly ):

    Thank you very much, you're too kind ^¬^ xxx

  5. yeah first time, I saw them I was crying because I was so happy, second time I saw them I almost cried again and it was cool because I stayed in the same hotel as LM.C did so i saw them often walking around XD

    your welcome!^-^

  6. I'm also going to Miyavi's gis here in Finland :D It's going to be AWESOME!! <3

  7. @nicole you saw them twice *n* truly lucky!! and OMG how did you not steal them forever!!!

    @taisuke really? I hope you have lots of fun xxx