Wednesday, 27 February 2013

100% KPP World Tour 2013 in LONDON!

I'm only just getting around to posting this because I've been so ill lately, so here we gooo

2 Weeks ago, I went to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu play in London.
I ended up getting a later train than I was hoping, but it meant that I could travel with my best friend Lisa and her younger sister Jasmin. 
(Dis is how I looked to get the train)
We arrived at about 2pm and headed straight to the hotel (Which was surprisingly nice considering how cheap we managed to get it!) Then we finished off making ourselves as sparkly as humanly possible before finally leaving. 
Of course, to commemorate the day, we headed to China Town for some PAMYUKURAAAAA...
(Because I am a puri addict and you can clearly never have enough!!!)
After we finished up there it was getting pretty late so it was time we hot stepped it to the venue.
Sadly we were really really far from the front, but it didn't really matter, cuz hey! We had a ticket and that was the most important thing. 
There were loads of cameras and interviewers crawling around, it was crazy. 
Eventuallllllly they started letting people inside, and we got let in really quickly since we weren't using the cloakroom. So we managed to grab a pretty good spot at the merch table. (Sadly I didn't get much merch because I couldn't decide what I wanted) So in the end I got the Pamyu Pamyu Revolution CD/DVD and a towel. 
Anyway, we made our way into the live hall and picked a pretty good spot, talked to old and new friends and waited for the show to start. 
AND LET ME TELL YOU.. What a fucking awesome show it was!!!!
She came out dressed in her PONPONPON costume and was so smiley and cute and oh goodness ;3; My poor heart!! She did have a few outfit changes, every time she came out looking pure adorbz!! 
So much cute compressed into every single song. (I actually very nearly cried a few times.. not a great image) She also played her brand new song Ninjari Ban Ban which is awesome and you should all keep your eyes open for that one. 
They played a few VT's during the show, including one for Kyary's John TV~
The dancers she had were so sweet and really really high energy during the whole concert! So impressive~

The setlist wasss;
1. Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
3. Onedari 44'C
4. Minna no Uta
5. 100% no jibun ni
6. Suki Sugite Kiresou
7.  Cherry Bonbon
8. Furisodeshon
9. Kyary no March
10. Kimi no 100 Percent
11. Girigiri Safe
12. Ninjari Ban Ban 
13. RGB
14. Oyasumi
115. Fashion Monster
17. Demo Demo Mada Mada
18. Kyary AnAn
19. Chanchankachanchan
20. Tsukema Tsukeru

As you can see, lots and lots of songs!! I was a little disappointed that she didn't play Miracle Orange tho :c
but the appearance of Pamyurin made up for that! 
Here's some pictures from Kyary's website because as per usual I didn't take my camera into the venue. 

I had the best time and really look forward to seeing her again~
The McDonalds after the show was crazy packed with pastels and frills, it was amazing haha!! 
It seems that Kyary had a fun time in London too!
In the TOOOMBS! And more importantly...
This is important to me for reasons!! 
I hope she liked it ;3;

The super cute evening has sort of inspired me to start wearing a little more colour recently, and on my first day back to work, we celebrated Mai's birthday
So I wore this! 
And we gave out sweeties all day..
All rambling aside, I'll leave you with a lovely summery song by the wonderful KPP
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Drinker.
x x x 


  1. Hey, thanks for the comments on the show! I'll be going in NYC in April. I found your blog in a Google search -- I'm the only KPP fan I know! You look great!

    1. I hope you have a great time at the show and I'm sure you'll make yourself a few friends :D
      Thank you very much~ x x x

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