Monday, 8 April 2013

The Recent Adventures of a Mecha Pilot.

The past month or so has been crazy busy for me, so I haven't really been able to find the time to blog or anything.
But considering I have an unexpected day off, I thought I'd make a post or two and stuff that's been going on. (Mainly on my days off)
So at the beginning of March I stayed at my girl Lisa's place, since she'd been in Thailand for like 4 months. I'm pretty sure we just spent the 2 days watching mind blowing amounts of VK live videos and anime. 
We did also emerge to go and see Warm Bodies in the cinema. 
It was actually pretty good. I do prefer the book since the movie cut loads of cool stuff out, made the ending hella lame and made the who film more rom-com. However it's enjoyable if you separate the two :D 

I went to see my Mum for Mothers day. Where we watched Disney films, caught up on the last 3 Months considering we haven't hung out since Christmas. I also met her boyfriend that she's been dating for nearly a yet, he seems nice. 

*Insert loads of over events that I can't remember*
Then last week Lisa and I met up again to go on a date to see the Croods.
Seriously if you have a spare afternoon I really recommend that you go watch it. I might actually go again to watch it hahah. 

Last week I went to the Gadget show live with my Dad, but that's for another post~

Other than everything else, I've been working everyday.
But as some of you know, I fucking LOVE my job OMG!
We've been doing alot of fun things recently and getting some rad new clothing in. So the promotion for that was again.. real enjoyable. (I was the photographer for alot of it too!)
Here are some pictures :D 
My lovely little Cyberdog family. (Minus Alex and Plus Callum) 
I also modeled for a few myself, 
Sadly I did receive some depressing news that my friend Alex is departing :( 
I'm upset cuz she's a good friend to me and my Hard House dance partner. But she's gonna be doing some awesome stuff so I wish her all the best on her adventure~ 
Alex you will be missed, you stupid big goff!! x 

On a fun note, Legendary Hard House act the Tidy Boys came into our shop on Thursday and did a video shoot for their IDEAL WEEKENDER event at the end of the month, and I was lucky enough to be in it!!
Granted, I look like such a dork and my voice sound/accent sounds so strange on video. (And I said "super duper"!! Who the fuck says that these days OTZ) It was loads of fun and the video turned out to be way funnier than I thought so I really love it! 

There's a few more things that I've been up to but they are so cool that I wanted to make a separate post.. cuz this one is getting super duperrr long! So I'll leave it at that.

And to play me out, one of my all time favorite bands....
BIS (Believe In Style) - DAYS 


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog... an' I love it ! *-* !