Sunday, 3 February 2013

77lbs Weightloss.

This is a subject that I get asked about very often, both online and in person. 
I've been putting this post off for a long time since I'm still really far off my goal weight, but since I'm over halfway there.. I thought it would be nice to discuss.

Now it was mid 2010 when I decided to start losing weight. 
I looked like this..
At this time I'm not going to disclose just how much I weighed, I will one day. But let's just say that "Over weight" is a scary understatement. 
Obese would be way more accurate. 

My waist alone was 41 inches, whereas now it's about 30 inches. (Still not fantastic but I'm getting there)

How did I do it?
Well, I started off by cutting down snacks. Slimming down my meal portions by nearly a half and working out for half an hour a day.
Then as time passed I cut out fizzy drinks by replacing it with squash and then eventually drinking nothing but water.
(You'd actually be amazed by how much of a difference it makes. I know alot of people who diet like crazy but still drink pop, even diet pop is totally shit for you as it has a fuck tonne of chemicals and sweeteners and general nasty stuff) 
I started upping my work out sessions to an hour and a half, doing cardiovascular and weightlifting. 

After the first 6 months I noticed that the rate of weightloss was slowing to a gradual snails pace and for the past year I've found it really difficult. I mean, I've lost alot of weight in that time but no where near the amount I would have liked. 

But that's when you really have to lift yourself up, because no matter how hard it gets, or how depressed you feel, you WILL get there! 

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I've constructed a new diet plan which has been working really well so far.

*Have a decent breakfast to set you up for the day. Keep it under 200 Calories.
*Lunch, 200-300 Calories.
*Dinner, 500-600 Calories.
*This gives you a couple hundred calories to play with in the evening, so if you fancy having a nice treat then that's okay!

The trick is replace all of the bad stuff with something that you like with much less calories, sugar and fat. 
Dieting shouldn't mean that you can't still enjoy what you eat. 

It's really that simple! 

Of course it's hard and of course, you will always have days where you want to give up, but keep your head up and think of how much healthier you feel. 
Having someone to support you is always a good idea too~

But a note to anyone who has an overweight friend who is desperately trying to lose weight...
As sweet as you mean to be, saying stuff like.. "I don't think you need to diet, I like you just the way you are!" Orrr "You're beautiful no matter what you weight!" is the WORST thing you could say. 
It's almost like saying that you don't want that person to be healthy and happy, because you don't have faith in their ability to commit to such a life style. I know you have lovely intentions but the best thing you can do is to cheer your friend on and make them feel like they can rely on you when it gets tough. ^_^

I still have a long way to go until I get to the weight that I would like to be, but I've really come to feel a little more confident.
Anyway, as poorly constructed as this was, I hope it is helpful to those who've been wondering and if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer. 

Ans lastly I wanna thank every single one of you for your love and support! It really has been so amazingly helpful and I am unbelievably grateful to you all!  

Much love~
x x x 


  1. Congratulations, your hard work shows and you deserve praise.
    You are just so inspiring to me and make me not want to give up in my endeavor.


    1. Thank you honey ;3;
      You're doing really well yourself, I wish you all the best!! x x x