Friday, 1 February 2013

Camden Hangin~

Lookit me, actually blogging for once hahah!
So yesterday I took a trip to Camden to do a little bit of clothes shopping, but also to hang out with my friend Chriss, whom I haven't seen in forever! 

However, instead of shopping for clothes that I desperately need.... we ended up just kickin around London. 
We went for lunch and discussed the ins and outs of the Visual Kei music industry, which is always good to talk about when you chow down on McDonalds. 

After some more window shopping that we trekked across to China town and  stopped off in a cute little place called BobaJam. I had Green tea icecream OMNOMNOM!!!
We went to do purikura shortly after, only to find our usual machine was out of order, so we decided to give in and try one of the other machines for a change.
Turns out... it was pretty fucking cool, if not totally strange. (It was also dancing on the line of several copy right infringements) 
It also turns out that my hair.. is apparently invisible XD 

Bit of a spam there ... woah! 

We nipped into Tokyo Toys so that I could pick up another Gundam kit, and we bumped into a nice boy who we ended up talking to about the UK Jrock scene for a little while. 
Sadly I had to leave pretty much straight after, so I hopped the train home.

I had a rather nice journey home talking to a lovely woman who had seen me on the train to London that morning, whilst building my Gundam. 

Despite not getting any shopping done, I had alot of fun catchin up with my girl Chriss!
Plus it was super nice to get back to London for a little while, I really missed it there hahah.

Anyway I hope you guys have been enjoying the sunshine we've been having.
I know I've got that happy spring feeling going on already~
So I'll leave you with the ever slick...

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