Monday, 7 March 2011

Super Duper Lovely!

Hello everyone~!
Today is so wonderful, its bright a sunny out today, which is such a good feeling!
My mood has been enhanced even more cause I finally managed to order my Girugamesh ticket (WOOHOO!!)

In all honestly, nothing much has been happening to me recently, Ive locked myself in my room for the past few days with my Bass guitar, only emerging for food and to see Krista! (〃∇〃)
I've been learning how to play Senkou by Alice Nine. Ive got most of it down now, so Im pretty pleased!

Tomorrow Im off to Manchester for clothes and more hair supplys! Oo。。( ̄¬ ̄*) It's not like I have an addiction or anything! huhuhu......

There is now only 11 days untill I travel to London to see Girugamesh and Miyavi!! Im so excited I might die! I've really missed seeing Miyavi, his last live was truly amazing!!

Plus, a weekend of awesome live music, purikura and seeing friends, what could be better!!

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