Monday, 28 May 2012

Make Me Drunk With Your Lips Baby~!

Aloha! Well this week has been outstandingly busy to say the very least. I haven't actually had time to relax. 
First off, on Monday I went to visit my best friend Lisa and her little sister Jasmin to help Lisa find something to wear for the concert on Wednesday. 
After doing some awful makeup on her, we did eventually find an outfit that looked super duper cute on her and I played stylist creating some nice hairstyles for them both. 
For example...
I had to shove a pencil into part of it to keep it completely solid. 
How sassy!! 

The next day, my family celebrated my birthday. I spent the morning with my parents and opened some gifts. My favorite was probably my Mother's. She walked into the house with a big cardboard box and the whole thing was kinda like..
Mum - "Sorry, I couldn't wrap this one"
Me- "Is it a dog?"
Mum - "Huummm...."
Me - "EHH? Is it really a dog?" 
Mum - "Well... it's not alive" 
When I started opening the box, the first thing I saw was fur that looked exactly like my dog Rufus, so I kinda freaked out in my head, until I opened it up fully to find this...
A beautiful Taxidermy fox! (He mates my squirrel Binky as they both have a missing ear) Isn't he beautiful? 
I decided to call him Finnick/ like the guy in the Hunger Games! :D 
So in the afternoon I had to go to Manchester for the billionth time that week to get some hair dye. Then back home for concert preparations for the next day.  

Of course, ON WEDNESDAY WAS LM.C!!!!
But I'm going to blog about that later, as it needs it's own post. 

After the gig on Thursday after my girls had gone home, I went to Camden and had a relaxing stroll before I got some beautifully tasty fresh lemon juice and sat down with a book. Eventually I went to Cyberdog to pick up something to wear for work before heading home. 
As you can imagine, I was exhausted. 

Friday I began working at Cyberdog in Manchester and enjoyed a nice boiling hot day. And on Saturday we had an 80's theme to celebrate Afflecks 30th anniversary. 
Possibly looked a little bit more Gal than 80's though. I met the sweetest LM.C fan too. I hope she does make it to SCREW like she wants to. 
Speaking of which, I'll be going on Wednesday, so if anyone of you go, SAY HI!! I'd love to meet you guys! 

Until then...
Koda Kumi ft TEEDA (And the rest of BACK ON) - Poppin love cocktail. 


  1. that fox. it's lovely! ⊙ω⊙

    1. Thank you, I'm rather in love with him myself ^//w//^ x x x

  2. You are too cute! ;u;
    Oh and happy birthday! I hope you had a blast! ☆

    1. Aww thank you!!
      I had a lovely day x x x