Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Yanki Face From Outer Space!

Sooo a couple of weeks ago I returned to London to stay with my friend Kei. I hadn't been to visit since November so it was a nice change.
Getting there turned out to be a total nightmare though.
My journey usually takes 1.5 hours.
However after 70 minutes on my train, we suddenly stop in Milton Keynes where the train waits for 30 minutes and is then terminated, and we're told that there "may or may not be a bus... they aren't sure" 
So another 25 minute wait and a bus turns up so I charge at it to make sure I get on. (there were a couple thousand stranded at the station so it was crazy) 
Anyway, the bus turns out to be real nice, so I pretended to be a rock star on tour and sat back to enjoy the ride... that was until it kicks us all off at Gatwick airport where I had to wait for a train, which turned out to be shitty and had some crack head looking business woman oh so subtly taking pictures of me = = 
After another hour, I have enough and jump off at Kentish town and eventually make it to Kei's place.
1.5 hour journey suddenly because a 5 hour journey ;^; 

Never the less, I got there and that's the most important thing.
After lunch we headed out and made a bee line for Camden since Kei wanted to pick up a playsuit and Japanese silk bondage rope from Cyberdog. 
Then we hot stepped it over to China Town for obligatory Purikura. 
(For those who aren't familiar with Power Up, it's an energy drink that we sell at Cyberdog. It's waaaayy stronger than Redbull/Rockstar/Monster and tastes lovely. PLUS IT COMES IN A HENTAI CAN!!!) 

After that we just bummed it around the park and got hit on by some strange guy who wanted to know every inch of our lives. Oh we did go to the arcade and play a million rounds of DDR until we nearly died. Very joyfully surprised to see Breakerz songs on there haha 
I can't remember what we did for the rest of the evening but we didn't get back until 2pm, 

The next day we headed back to Camden to meet up with the lovely Chriss. We went back to Cyberdog so that Kei could get some socks (And because I seem to live in Cyberdog... even on my days off hahah)
We enjoyed a nice lunch together and mooched around for a while before Chriss left for work.
So Kei and I went to get even more purikura... like the crack addicts we are!!
(This'll make sense if you follow Takeru on twitter)
The shop was also doing a deal so we ended up using another machine too. 
Which turned out to be pretty fun since the backgrounds were so jokes.
That's copyright infringement at it's finest! 

So after getting our fix, we kicked around and both bought matching Gundams! 
Sadly I had to leave shortly after, so we parted. 
I spent the journey building my lil Gundam.

It was a really fun weekend, it's always nice to see friends after a few months :D 
Anyway, Ima round it up here. So enjoy..


  1. Nice blog!
    I nominated you for the liebster award, I hope you don't mind ;)
    Here you can find the rules.

    Have a nice day!!

  2. Every single Picture is awesome !

    I love your hair so much!
    It suits you so well! ✲゚

    I´m excited for your next posts !