Friday, 25 June 2010

Do Not Walk!

Today was tiring! I got to collage early to start taking the exhibition down, which was difficult since only 7 of us turned up for the first hour, and those boards are fucking heavy!
then after being in collage for 5 hours i finally found out my grade for the whole 2 years.

basially for those who dont do betch, the grading goes; fail, refferal, pass, merrit, destingtion!
I got, Destingtion, Merrit, Merrit! so i did very well  :D YOSH!!

this is my happy face!

I also went bak to visit my moma, and when i got to the train station, i was met by ...
loads of scaffolding that covered the entire platform, i didnt want to walk under it LOL! but it was really pretty!

I hope you all had a wonderful day also! Plus, Im sorry posts have been uninteresting, They'll be more fun in a little while, promise :D

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