Friday, 9 July 2010


Yo Folks!
This weeks has certanly had some interesting revelations, some of which i can only disclose at a later date.
Yesterday i got £100 paid into my bank, so i decided to treat myself to some new circle lenses, and finally ordered this ...
so when it arrives i can drool over ViViD  decorate my poster wall some more :D
currently it looks like this..

ah man! the other night i had such a sad dream, and its been haunting me ever since.
Basically (dont laugh at me) Shou (from alice nine) and I were like, childhood freinds. One day, he gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then the next day, he was killed in an explosion. It was really sad because i went to his funeral ect.
Then i woke up, feeling really genuinly upset, and ive been feeing awful about it since he hadnt updated his blog in a few days ~paranoid~
today, he did! So he's not dead, and life is good, Im so relived ^^

He's like my friend Daisuke in so many ways, that might be why i was so worried  = =''


  1. Oh EMA you make life wonderful... although I highly doubt I got my bonus T_T
    Your poster wall looks awesome, I want your big LM.C poster!!

  2. i had to give half to my dad, and then i spent most of it in an hour T^T
    Thank you, it seems a little spaced out and overly organised to me.. that will change soon though >D