Saturday, 24 July 2010

Sunshine Day~!

Hello Folks!
Sorry I havent posted in a while (not like you care hahaha)
A few things have happened since i last spoke, not huge things, but y'know..
Last weekend I went to London to see Gigi and Ripley before Gigi left for Hong Kong T^T
It was such a funny day, but i felt really sick near the end so i was a little quiet in the (Fuckin amazing) archade..
OH! and of course, no trip to London would be compleate without some Purikura :D

Senpai also visited me (i dunno if i mentioned that last time or not....)
We went into collage to collect our work, and my old teacher walked in on me taking a picture of myself .. *awkward moment*
I really want my new lenses to be here already, those ones are a pain in the ass to wear sometimes, and im bored of my other ones :/ *sigh*

I visited my moma this week, since i havent seen her for about 2/3 weeks, so i spent the entire time cuddled up with my dogs and wondering why moma packed my "sleeping table" away since she dosnt move till monday! and yes, i do sleep under a table *laughs* its a childhood habit!

My dog is such a babe ;D she loogs huge there, but really, she's so tiny XD

In other news, i re-decorated my room (kinda) but I'll show you that next time when i can be bothered to take a picture XDD

Right kiddles, sorry if i sound boring in this post, but i just woke up and I got prongs so fa up my nose I cant really think eh heh!

WELL, see you next time! *waves*


  1. You are so cute! :D
    I wish we had purikura in Florida. /:

  2. thank you ^////^
    We only have a few in england, and most of them are so ugly, theres a little place in china town london though, whihc takes me 4 hours to get to *giggles* so worth it XD