Monday, 14 June 2010

Fish Eye Sky!

Hey! Im back!
This week has been a killer, I've been working my ass off woth my photography work, still not finished, and its due tomorrow, but *shrugs* only so much i can do today!
My exabition is on Thursday, so im stupidly nervous ¬_¬ I know it'll be fine, but, y'know...

Also, my phone died now, It turned itself off yesterday afternoon and has been making a loud cracking sound ever since, so  i think it's gonna blow up anytime soon! As soon as i replace it, this blog will be full of pictures XD, SO GET READY!!

Sadly, it looks like i wont be going to paris to see ViViD *cries* due to money reasons, everything expensive happend in the same week, my exabition (mega fuckin expensive), phone broke (only phone i like is super expensive) aaaand my sisters birthday D:    oh well, next time Ko-Ki, next time TT ^ TT

i need to re-do my blog header soon, Im not feelin this one hahahah
Here, have a pretty picture of the sky i took lastnight :)

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