Friday, 4 June 2010

Lots of working!

Ive been a buisy bee today! sorting through countless photoshoots that I took this week, so mannnnyyy!
its also been face-meltingly humid today  9(=A='') so my motivation for working is slowly dissapearing!

Anyway~ I dyed my hair the other day, because my hair was dead and just looked messy all the time, soooo, its healthy and soft again now, which means i can actually style it (when i get more hairspray)

yep, brown *giggles* i never expected it either! though now i feel i should  get more facial piercings to compensate for the colour now D: not that im complaning >D but convincing my dad, that'll be a challenge!!

Also, my phone is dying TT 3 TT i despratly need a new one, im having to use a nokia 3210, they so old i dont even know how to work them !! I know which phone i will buy, im so fussy about phones, so now i just need to save up the money for it, preferably in the next week/2 weeks! since i'll need a working phone if i go to london...... *facedesk*

Right, back to work!! I'll see you scrumptious little lemon drops real soon! : D

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