Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Super Smile Week - Hangry&Angry / EXPO edition!

So, on Thursday, Me and Lisa travelled back to London to see hangry and Angry's 1st UK gig!
This even was really important to me, since H&A are pretty much the only female band i listen to, and i really look up to them for many things. So, as you can imagine, i was pretty stoked!!

Firstly, after the 3hr drive, we stopped off at china town for a purikura session!
The we took the underground to camden town, where the venue was!
My gosh, we seem to make friends everywhere!!, everyone was so lovely!
The gig itself, was a little shorter, but compleatly and utterly wonderful! and They are a million times more beautiful in person,! It was the sort of gig where everyone was a family-kid-of-thing!
Thanky you Hangry, thank you Angry for the sparkling memories!!

On saturday i travelled back to London (again) for the MCM Expo.
I arrived around lunch time, my god the place was packed :D although it took agaes to find my friends!
i saw a few people i met on thursday too!
it was shocking that soooo many people knew me, like, they came over and said "OMG hi Iku! nice to meet you" <-- or somethign of the kind, one girl even squeed, which was kinda embarrasing = ='' (because i have noreason to be squeed over)
There was so many amazing cosplays, and more fail ones, i loved it though!
I got 4 photoshoots done there too, BRILLIANT :D
the journey home was awful though, what usually takes about 3/4 hours, took 7.... SEVEN!! ARRGH
I had a great time, thank you to every one who was there, i love you !!


  1. Could you say which street is the Purikura? ^0^
    Because in the summer I'll go to London :D

  2. i dont know it exctly, but theres a big china town right next to trafalgar square tube station, If you ask someone there, they should e able to point it out :D

    the building it is in has 2 lots of the,, you should use the upstairs ones, they are newer and muuuuch better :)