Monday, 13 September 2010


Hey guys!
I honestly dont think anyone reads all _ _'' Maybe I should just write in my ameba from now on.. *shrugs*

Not that much stuff has been hapening, apart from me spending far too much money on stuff!
I baught some gel nail supplys, cause I got it done "professionally" and it cost me £40, and looked crap, yet I got all the stuff I need to do it and it still cost less!
I also baught some jrock/jpop/jfashion stuff ... including a photobook that cost £40 *facedesk*
nothing has arrived yet ¬_¬

ALSO today, Im enrolling to take japanese lessons at my old highschool! which starts tomorrow >A< Im hella nervous!
but Im going to Tokyo next october , so  need to brush up on my linguistics! (yeah the trip got moved back)

I kinda finished one of my walls (a few weeks ago) It looks so much better now! Feels much more like a teenagers room now hahah!

P.S pretty new layout is pretty!!  


  1. I feel that about my blogger too haha but it's much better than livejournal :'D I mainly use my ameba for writing japanese badly :C

    :c I hope your stuff gets here soon ;o; I hate waiting for things, depends where you got it from. |D I was gunna spend about £40 on dir en greys XX photobook luckily someone got it off amazon for £18 and then I only spent another £20 on shipping ;u;

  2. @「ツギ☆イカリ」
    Yeah, I quit using LJ a while ago, I only use it for jrock scans n ting! :D

    most of it is coming from Japan, and china T^T
    so it'll probably be here in the next week or so!
    ah really :O lucky find! The one i baught was like half price in comparison to how much it is on other sites!

  3. I still read this ^^
    But I don't have my own blog :P
    I write for another...
    it's always interesting to see what you're up to though as you're so bubbly and colourful *3*
    yay ^^

  4. @Pandora awww thank you, Im glad Im not just ranting to myself hehehe!

  5. I read it! :D
    //Rox-dalliance @ deviantart

  6. @Rox thank you very much!! *cuddles*