Tuesday, 31 August 2010


hello folks!
On friday, my moma called me and asked if i wanted to go on holiday that night.
So here are the (phone) photos, i took alot of cheki, but i'll post those another day!

DAY 1!!
this is the garden of the cottage we stayed in *U*

and the inside of our fridge, which only contained horrible alcohol!

once we had chilled out from the long drive, we went to the beach, but it was really windy so my eyes got fucked by sand haha!

DAY 2!!
We went to the village where Hot Fuzz was shot! which was so much fun, we baught cornettos from the same shop, and sat at the water fountain.
Then we traveled to Cheddar to visit the huge wonderful caves there. THEY ARE HUGE AND WONDERFUL!!!


After leaving the caves, we climbed up so we were waaaaayy above ground level, I could see for hundreds of miles, and almost died of vertigo,

this was the view from the watch tower... :D
my poor little doggies were so tired in the end!

DAY 3!!

This was my final day there, and we went to Bristol, which was brilliant since i fucking hate the country side, so being back in a city was just the best feeling ever!
it was actually a planetarium, but I didnt have time to go in ;A;
I went shopping and baught lots of beautiful things >D so Im very happy with Brisol, I'll have o go there again someday!!

Man Im exausted now... MUST SEEP FOREVER!!

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