Wednesday, 29 September 2010

suki tabemono wa nan desu ka?

Hello pudding-pops!!
well, this week has been kinda averange!
I got too much Japanese homework (none of which has any english on it) so my brain has been fried big time.
I got new contact lenses.
I really like them cause people said they look like Maya's *¬*
Also, My Alice Nine book arrived.. jesus its beautiful!

It was totally worth the redculous amount of money I paid for it e¬e
Tomorrow I'm going into collage to visit some friends, cause I havent seen them since I left. 

OH! Today, I was writing letters to my friends Toni &Blue, and I decided to finally write letters to Maya and Shou.
I wrote them both in Japanese (fucking long letters so it took a while T^T) 
but I came to te conclution that I shouldnt be alowed to talk to hmans, 
note to self, dont ever start a letter with "Dear Mr Wonderholic~"

I should go o bed before my face gets any more rediculous!


  1. Well I have stalked you for a while and I think you're very interesting and cute person (+ you have really beautiful hair!) and it would be nice to get to know you better, even if I don't live in UK D:.

    Writing this message required me a lot of courage, but I wanted you to know.
    ...and please forgive me my bad english, haha xp!

    (this message didn't make any sense, but i send it anyway...XD)

    and keep blogging!

  2. @Lou
    awww, what a lovely thing to say! It really means alot.. thank you ;3;

    you are so sweet *cuddles* and your english is great :D