Sunday, 28 November 2010

Day of the Dog

Last night I was so ill, so this morning my dogs came to suggle in bed with me. Whihc means Im chilling with them today!

Bailey is all snug in her christmas jumper!

It didnt snow very much at my mums house where I am now, although it did all turn to ice while I was out shopping yesterday which resulted in me taking an unexpected dive and recking my knee. For those who dont know, Im not a fan of snow... at all, its only nice for photography = =

ANYWAY! Saga just announced on twitter that Shou looks a bit like he did in Lost Age... this pleases me, THIS PLEASES ME ALOT! I said only thr other day in my vlog, that I like old Shou. YAY!
Right, Im off to watch you've been framed and christmas films.. despite it being far too early to watch them!


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon
    Bailey is so cute! Just like you, haha *_* <3

  2. @Myaku thanks, Im feeling a little brighter today ^¬^
    heheh We both thank you xxx