Sunday, 5 December 2010

Snow? What Is That?

Hello cowboys!
as some of you may have noticed, Its been snowing this week. Usualy I hate show, but this week Ive really enjoyed watching it... (///∇//)
On one particularly cold morning I decided to take my camera out and play with my macro lenses, Unfortunatly it was -8 degrees, so my fingers were too shakey so alot of the pictures came out blurry. (with macro lenses, you have to hold it soooo still cause its crazy detailed)
ANYWAY.. hes some of the photos.

Jack frost really had Fun decorating my town!
I hope you guys all had fun in the snow. (ノ´▽`)ノ

Last night we put up our decorations (I know, so early) But we did have fun doing it, even though I dont like the decorations as much as the ones I put up last year. So now Im all snuggly in a blanket watching Richie Rich and sipping coco! HOW CHRISTMASY!! Its still a little cold cause the town had a powercut this morning. GAH!

Lets wrap up all warm and snuggy (●´ω`●)ゞ


  1. Lovely photos. *A*
    It doesn't snow here. ;n;
    And we put up decorations last night too!

  2. @☆ K i n g Thank youu!
    We dont get snow very often, so I guess its kinda nice, apart from slipping over XDD