Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas at Popi's

well.. It was an early Christmas.
On monday, I embarked on a 6 hour journey to see my  friend, the wonderful Popi Atom. I dont see her enough, so it was lovely to spend time with her.
We met up in Brighton where we obtained a bizzar fail christmas tree XD, It had like 10 branches, and the black decorations we got didnt show up on it ...

We then found Suki at the train station and had to run for the train. (I got over excited and ran onto the wrong train, so I almost got left behind heheh) then we went to Popi's apartment to find Lefio.

So after going shopping for food, eating sweets and burning Pizza, we decided to watch bad Lutenent, which is a very relevant film for christmas.... obviously!

The next day, Pop and I went to town to buy lots of shit, including 2 of the cutest scarves from a newsagent! Shopping WIN! 
DEN, we all went out for Christmas dinner.. It was yummy as helllllll.

Sadly Lefio and Suki left that night, so it was just us two havign a girly night of talking... untill 4 am when we retreated to bed cause of Popi needing to be up early for work.

So on wednesday, I went to Brighton where I met up with the wonderful Alice, whom I have missed.
 Popi had to return to work after her lunch break, so Alice and I ventured to mcdonalds were we talked for about 2 and a half hours XDD

Popi and I then went back to the apartment to do a photoshoot for Neo magazine, and another session of girly talking till 4 am.
Then yesterday  had to go home, and it took close to 8 hours, one of which was spent on a train platform freezing while i got rained on :C


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