Monday, 20 December 2010


The snow is getting so deep here, Im starting to worry it's going to ruin everybody's plans :S
Today, I got a lovely suprise in the mail... well, not much of a suprise, since I baught it, but I didnt expect them to be here so quickly!

Finally treated myself to some nice lashes, not those shit wholesale lashes I got last time... EW!!
Ive started to buy better cosmetics recently, usually I buy cheaper ones, but as of the new years, Im being a snob and buying brands ふふふふ!!
Also, here's the rings I got in Brighton..

Wonderful arn't they (///∇//) I love them alot, and they make beautiful additions to my giant ring collection!
Ive been feeling a mix of Oshare/Rock.Gyaru recently in my apperance... My parents say I lookk alot better. so I guess its a good thing XD

Guess that's all for now... toodles!! xx (●´ω`●)ゞ


  1. OMG you are so cute ;;________;; And I like those rings too *w* So cool!

  2. Those lashes look amazing! So do you!

  3. @taisuke Thank you ^¬^ The rings and I are pretty mum in love at the moment XDD

  4. @Rei Thank you honey *cuddles*

  5. those lashes... *u*♥ i love them!