Monday, 15 November 2010

Sunny Day!

Hey guys, Im feeling much better today!
Part of me wants to blog more often cause I always forget what Ive dne when I come to update.... nevermind.
Any way, I just wanted to show you guys some goodies that I got this week, cause its all cute!

they were so yummy, I wish I had more!!

Its kind of been on repeate today, and now its in dads car stereo LOL

This is a page from my new address book, I finally got one sice I have alot of contacts n stuff, so I want somewhere to keep everything.

and finally, I changed my phones wallpaper, This is the first time in about 4 months that Ive had anything other than Shou or Miyavi, heheheh!!

MAN!! Ive been itching to dye my hair again, I WANT TO CHANGE IT!!! eehhh!

Oh well, I guess it can wait till january.....

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