Monday, 27 December 2010

So here it is....

Merry Christmas!
What a lovely few days I've had!
On new years eve, my mothers family went to her house for a small gathering, and presant exchange! That was fun!
Then On xmas day I spent half of it with my Mum and half with my Dad.
And on Boxing day my family had a party!
I feel like I've been horribly spoilt by everyone this year, since I got so many gifts from people TT3TT and theres still alot that hasnt arrived yet, and Im going to pick up my new bass guitar in the next week... I AM EXCITE!!!
Right... here;s a small selection of the things I got (there was too much to photograph)

some bits of makeup, most of it being lip balm cause I suffer with hella dry/cracked lips without it,
Lovely perfume, DVDs, The most beautiful art book by the tallented Mark Ryden (who is truly one of my favourite artists ever) aaaannd Vivienne Westwood earrings * V *
I got lots of photography equiptment too, so I feel so happy with everything Ive been given and Im excited to see what the rest it!!
Hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!

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  1. everything is awesome and cute *O* happy holidays! plus new years!