Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Iku's Favourite Photos of 2010

Hello Guys and Girls!
It seems like 2010 is officially over, so I welcome 2011 happily!
Right, lets have a little flashback from the past year and my favourite kodak moments!

(Some point in january..)

(When Lisa came back from thailand.. I look awful)

(My Birthday)

(Hangry & Angry Live in London)

(Going to collage in the summer)

(Visiting Gigi and Ripley in London)

(some point in august/september... I think)

(visiting friends in collage)

(Hyper Japan, where we were snapped for Kera magazine)


WOAH that was a long entry, I was going to put lots more in, but I think this is enough.
Its been a strange/stressful/lonely but mostly happy and fantastic year.
I just hope I can have more wonderful adventures in 2011!!

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