Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New Years Eve!!

I compleatly forgot to write about this the other day!
I didnt do anything huuuuge, It was just Me and senpai chilling out at mine with some jrock and stuff!!

She was planning to wear jeans and a tshirt, but I was dressed up so made her change before she came round!! HURHUR!!

(BTW, half of these photos were taken on her camera, so the high quality ones are from mine XDDD)
We also decided it would be far more fun to wear horns and mouse ears, after all the horns haven't moved from my skull for over a week now LOL!

I do feel rather like a match maker, since I "introduced" Krista to Tora (Alice Nine) and she seemed somewhat in love......

Being the tumblr addicts we are, we did spend some time on there, and we almost missed the count down, FORTUNATLY we managed to count down the last 5 seconds of 2010 hehehe!!
we lost 3 hours of our life in what felt like 10 minutes, and then crawled up to bed at 3am.
The next day we visited our dear collage friend Lisa! and met her 2 rats.. with flamboyant names that i cannot spell!!
All in all, it was a very fun few days!
In other news, Ive had some more stuff arrive at my house, some of which is quite exciting, but I shall save that for another  post... since I'll just do one post when everything arrives!!

Anyway, thanks for reading! xxx

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