Sunday, 16 January 2011

ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ ヒャッホゥ

Hey guys! Back with a quick shopping update!
Heres a few of the things I have gotten over the past week :D

This little beauty is from the Alice in Wonderland range at Disney Couture. I absolutely adore it!! It looks cuter in real life, the little fella isnt very photogenic...

This was actually a gift from my sister on a random shopping trip XD Best thing ever!!!

Basically, I was shopping in birmingham on my own, and I was feeling a little down, So I went into the build a bear workshop for the frist time ever, and decided to have this made to cheer myself up, It worked cause everytime I look at her I grin real big!!
My cheki album, for Jrock/Jpop/Kera cheki! Sadly I have only have 2 in it atm cause I decided to keep one of the Misako cheki on my wall, But I have 2 more arriving soon ^^  Its exciting X3
Anyways, Thats all for now, since I still have lots more stuff to arrive hehehe, and I dont feel much like actually blogging,

see you next time xxx

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