Thursday, 27 January 2011


I've not felt much like blogging lately, although I feel strangly cheery today!!
On Friday my dear senpai came over to visit me, which was so much fun, even if we did spend the majority of the day on tumblr LOL!! It became very clear that we coth need to get out more at this point!

The next day Lisa and her sister visited, again, we didnt do much. BUT we did have a later xmas and exchanged gifts. She got me such wonderful pop kei stuff, I got her stupid boots that didnt fit and korean lip stuff, my dad got her a blink182 gig ticket... kicked my gifts ass ¬_¬

The CD she got me!! *crys tears of joy*

I havent really done much since then, just distracting myself from how shit I feel, BY SHOPPING!! Yes buying even more stuff XD

OH, I also gave myself a new haircut!

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