Monday, 21 March 2011

Girugamesh London 18/03/11

Hey guys, Yesterday I came back from London, so Im hella tired! BUT LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE WONDERFUL DAYS I HAD!!
On friday, I travelled to London with my Dad and his Girlfriend, (who I promptly ditched when reaching London LOL)

Gigi met me at Angel tube station to take me to the venue, where we met up with alot of friends ヽ(*・ω・)人(・ω・*)ノ
But then I had to dash to chinatown to meet up with Alice ( and Katie ( who rolled up looking wonderful and putting me to shame....(ノ_-。) We did purikura :D
They did some for Pink Marble while I was waiting for Niqi to arrive. When she did, We did more puri! XD

Eventually we made our way back to the venue to que with everyone, Where Hizu and I proceeded to amuse/annoy everyone around us in a 3 meter radius with our endless talking fufufufu!!
After a million years we were let inside, only to be squashed to the front of the crowd for an hour even before the gig started. ~awkward~ An hour later Girugamesh finally came onstage...... *squiggly arms*
It was just a shame the first half was ruined by being crushed so horribly, and when I asked someone to move so I could bail to the back, they looked at me and perposfully elbowed me in the neck.. bastard!
So with that carcrash I just went to the back so I could try and actually fucking breathe, Luckly I found Niqi, Hizu aaand I saw Ashii and Nixi (whom I havent seen since like.. 2009?)
Dude, I was so much better back there, no spanish girls crushing an elbowing, and actual cool ariflow ~heavenly~ I could actually enjoy the rest of the gig!
And let me tell you, Giru are freaking amazing live, (;´▽`A
Shuu made us chant "Fish and Chips" HAHA!! HOW VERY BRITISH!!
After the gig finished, Kei and I ran off to mcdonalds for sprite anc chicken nuggets. Proceeding to have a wonderful timeand add her in my phone book as "Takeru" (which later turned out to be quite confusing)
ANYWAY, Let me sprinke you with pictures!

Oh yeah, I wasnt allowed to take my camera in, so these Gig pics are from GiGi (!/GigiGalaxyz)
Now excuse me while I find a pocket to put Ryo in, that fuckin adorable creature *dribbling forever*
I'm gonna attempt to do a post about Miyavi later, It'll be like three times as long cause I have more Pictures and well... much more happened!! So stay Tuned!! (●´ω`●)ゞ

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