Monday, 21 March 2011

MIYAVI London 19/03/11


After Giru, I couldnt sleep at all, so I spent the night and early part of the morning watching planes take off from my hotel room window whilst listening to Dear my Love by Miyavi! Which was getting me all squiggly and excited, despite feeling calm n ting.
I Did eventually get ready, whilst watching some bull shit kids shows that features rude and ungreatful children.

I had a double room all to myself *rolls around* and yes, I did jump on that bed, it was fantastic!!
(◎`ε´◎ )
After dolling myself up, I had to catch a bus, train and 3 tubes to get to china town, Where I met up with Toni, Ali and Sam. I wonder if you can guess what for.....

Yep thats right. PURIKURA!! (≧▽≦)
We then went to chill out in the center of china town for a little while, just talking n stuff, which of course was lovely with the bright sunshine warming us up! But then I had to leave them to meet up with Kei, Chio and Peige.
"Whatever for Iku?" I hear you ask.. well.....
even MORE purikura (/ω\) hahaha! I now have the puri music cemented in my head! Probably serves me right! LOL!
We then decided to head to the HMV fourm to que, Where we met up with lots of different people. It was really cool, I ended up meeting loads of new people too.
It was weirdly cool when Cookie, Kunoichi and I got filmed being interviewed for something and had portraits taken, Infact I had my picture taken so many times that day OAO
It was really fun just to hang out with so many friends for a billion hours in the sun, listening to Miyavi, taking photos and signing flags!

Oh, yeah, because Kei had a VIP ticket, she was going to meet Miyavi, so we decided to take a cheki of the two of us for him, it was cute with "we love you miyavi" on the front, but then on the back it said "suck my ass" and Kei's phone number.... (@Д@;I'm now trying to decide if i should tweet a groveling apology to him about that! lololol!!
Later on, Me n Suki went to the tube station to meet Popi n Lefio. I missed her ;A;
Shortly after, they started letting people in, whihc was a hectic rush of getting my camera confiscated, shoving my bag into the cloakroom and finding a good spot to stand.
Unfortunatly, the rush wasnt nessasairy, cause it took 2 hours for him to come onstage....  2 FUCKING HOURS!!! Its a good thing we forgave him the second he walked on. In that wonderful way he walks!

OMG, I have to say, he looked stunning, kinda like a male Pocohontas. Much healthier than he has of recent times, which was great.
The show itself was simply eletric. Miyavi really knows how to work up a storm. He's such a tallented musician! *crying*
We had a moments silence for Japan and sang "We love you sekai wa kimi wo aishiteru" for them! He loved it so much he filmed us on his iphone!! (●´ω`●)ゞ
It was such an important gig for me and Popi, we both cried and had a moment, but I really thank Miyavi for what he's done for us!

They recorded the show for the live ablum, which I baught, so now I can listen to MYV talking about Jewlie being chubby whenever I want XD
I dont really think theres anything else i wanna say, SO I'll leave you with pictures instead!

Like the last post, the following pictures are from GiGi (!/GigiGalaxyz)
It's been a crazy crazy weekend, but ive loved every single second of it!
Thank you everyone for the sparkling memories.
I love you! xxx

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