Sunday, 27 March 2011

Get Your Back Off The Wall!!

After being forcably smacked with 45thousand tonnes of inspiration (which was probably a result of Miyavi's live) I've thrown myself back into my creative world of work.... Photography!!
Now, I'v never actually given it up, but after leaving collage almost a year ago, my muses have been in hybernation, meaning whatever work I did manage to scrape out, I really wasnt happy with.
But now that spring is here, Im buzzing to drown myself in sketchbooks and contact sheets. FINALLY!

Starting of next week, I'll be having a minimum of 3 projects on the go
1. My main project (each shoot shares the same rough theme, but I sure this project will only last a year or so)
2. Digital side project (attaching to my main project, but a continuation of and old collage one)
3. Traditional side project (a random project, using film, cheki and polaroid cameras)

Overall, Im genuinly excited to start these. The first shoot Im doing is with my sister, whom I havent worked with for 2 and a half years, (she's an awkward model, so is difficult to work with)
And the second is a location shoot with my friend krista.
I've got quite a few more planned too, but Im not exactly sure of when I'll be shooting them.

All in all, exciting stuff. For those of you sweet enough to wanna see the results, I'll be keeping you (mildly) updated, after all, my blog, my profession :D

Please look forward to it, thanx for reading! xxxx

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