Sunday, 10 April 2011


This week has been quite wonderous, well..... apart from the beginning of this week, that was shit!
On wednesday, Krista arrived to stay with me for a couple of days. We went to see Sucker Punch...
Which was bloody amazing!! Seriously, GO AND SEE IT!
The weather that day was so lovely, that we decided to walk home instead of getting a lift, even when the sun was setting, it was nice!
On Thursday, I dolled her up (drawing and pouring paint all over her legs) and we traveled to a forest, which was a billion miles wide, and fucking creepy. At one point, we came across this little tipi made of sticks, which I wanted to photograph, but we were kinda afraid there was someone in there.... probably waiting for two idiotic girls to come and investigate, which we did. Luckly, we did not die!
The photoshoot want well, though I feel I could have done better...

After that, we decided to go to Snugbury's for lovely Ice cream, and to look at the pigs with nose rings. Those pigs are knarly!

On Friday, we simply chilled in le garden with ice lollies, ventured to Sally's for hair supplies and went to Tim Thai's food store where Krista baught copious amounts of green tea! Sadly she went home a couple of hours later D:

Best part of the week .. SATURDAY! I traveled to London again, this time to hang out with Chiyo and Kei!

I ended up arriving 2 hours early due to taking the express train, so I took a stroll down to Camden, then went to Picadilly Circus, Theeen went to China Town, where I eventually met up with Chiyo. We headed off to Japan Center to buy magazines and noms. Chocolate Doriyaki... get in my mouth! I also decided to get us what I thought was ramune sweets, but it was the strangest fucking bubblegum ever! While we were sat outside, discussing how french people hate Chiyo, a french tourist came over and asked to take our picture because "You look so radient and lovely, beautiful!"
EVENTUALLY, We headed to the Purikura shop to meet Kei, who managed to miss 2 trains!!
(I looked so ugly and creepy on the other puri so I wont upload them here)
We spent some time in the arcades and photo-bombing tourists! Note to you all, if you're going to take a lovely family portrait in the middle of London... MAKE SURE WE ARNT IN THE BACK OF IT!! *pulls monster face*
After that we went and crawled around Camden untill I had to go, So we bid goodbye to Chiyo, and Kei and I went to the station and talked for like, an hour before I went home.
It was such a good day!!
All I baught was Kera and Egg, which came with a really cool D.I.A mirror, so that was sweet!
Anyway, I hope you've all been enjoying the awesome weather!
OH, and BTW..... Pink is back...


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! :)
    I wish my life was this jam-packed! xD

  2. @Heather It was very fun, but normaly my life is very very boring ><
    Im just lucky that every now and then I get an influx of events.

  3. Oooo it can be so annoying when that happens because you can't fit everything in! >.<