Saturday, 12 November 2011


Hey everyone, I hope you're all having a good weekend. 
I've not been up to too much, last weekend Lisa and her little sister came over for a visit where we ended up watching PSCarnival 2009 to fangirl over SCREW and the newest A9 niconico (They both jumped out of their skin when the balloon popped behind Pon XD) 

Then I went to visit my Mum for a night, and whist she was at work I ended up playing Final Fantasy XIII for 5 hours, only to realize that my progress was saved onto their PS and not mine TAT *heartbroken!* 

Other than That I've been working, I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I now work at a shop called GAME. It's so much fun I love it already. Although I'm gutted because I don't like any games that are out for the DS, so I'm thinking of trading it for a PSP because we have loads of Japanese games in store... so...tempted..mustn't ... GAAHHH! 

OH I almost forgot!!... The other day my brand new kicks arrived. (One day shipping... Impressive)
Jeremy Scott x ADIDAS. 
This picture does not do justice to how swaggerrific these shoes are! 
I honestly screamed a little when I opened them, I originally wanted the first edition of the wings (y'know the ones with the wings on the laces) which I saw a couple of years ago, but then these came out and I've been determined to get some AND NOW I HAVE THEM!! INFINITE HAPPYS !!!

Alright, wrapping it up now just wanted to quickly update you all with my super unbusy life haha. Anyways, enjoy your weekend, whatever you're up to~ xxx

p.s - I leave you with this.... 
He's inhumanly adorable ;A; . Although personally I feel like more sparkles are needed~ hahaha! 


  1. Loving the shoes ;D
    cute piccies ~ <3

  2. Those shoes are the epitome of swaggerific! DO WANT! *-*

    You're looking cute as always! ♥

  3. Super cute with that swag!~ Haha :>