Saturday, 26 November 2011

Too tired for a witty title.

Well, a number of things have happened since I last updated so I'll just update you with all of the best parts. Buckle yourselves in, it could be a long one. 

So on Saturday I went to see Kei and we ended up going to London, Arriving their for about 3/4pm-ish we went straight to Camden for some heavenly Thai chicken and then decided to meet up with our friends Tia and Sarah in Chinatown, Though not before bumping into Dale on our way there. We stopped for a chat, it was nice. 

Arriving in China Town later than we thought (Thank you London transport system, I love your inability to function) We finally met up with the ladies. 
I have never felt so beautiful~
Kei and I also did our duo puri. 
(Let's all take a moment to appreciate Kei's face on the second one..............)
After that we were just plodding around for a bit and enjoying the lovely chirstmas lights that were all around, whilst taking pictures that made me look both drunk and very VERY tanned. 
Sadly Tia and Sarah had to leave soon after, so we said our very long goodbyes and me and Kei hopped into Japan Center like the grimey weeaboos that we are. I ended up buying the latest SHOXX because of reasons know as LM.C, ViViD and Nightmare, felt good bro~ 
Shortly after that we decided to call it a day and got the train back to her house, allowing us to spasm over jrockers infront of other humans. 
We ordered Pizza, watched Jrock stuff and derped. All in all it was a good day. 
Don't really remember if we did anything on the Sunday, apart from me going home. WHICH TOOK FOREVEER. 
Train number one ... DELAY AND DIVERSION
Underground .... DELAY AND DIVERSION
Train number three ... DELAY AND HOUR LONG DIVERSION. 
So, a  5 hour journey took like... 7/8 hours or something stupid. I did go to Camden again before I left London cause I forgot to buy stuff the day before and my brain would not let me forget it a second time. 

On Tuesday Krista came round for a visit, we ventured to the new Hobby Craft that opened in my town, where one of our collage friends works. She showed us around, served us and forgot to give us change, typical newbies hahaha. 
Instead of the stuff we originally went for, we ended up buying cake decorating stuff after deciding to make cakes. Only to find out we didn't have anything to make them and the shop near me didn't sell plain cakes = =
They looked awful, but enchanting. I will eventually show you a photo. We also watched the new A9 nico nico and I couldn't have been happier at the amount of pain they inflicted on the lovely Shou~ 
Sorry Bro~ they protected you for too long, and you were asking for it. 

Yesterday I went to Chester with my Nan, every year she takes me out to pick my own Christmas presents ^u^ . I cut my hair on Monday so I looked like this....   
(Not enjoying new fringe)
Chester is full of miserable old people so I got alot of glares in my winged trainers, they just don't understand swag. But it was a nice day, She took me to a lovely little cafe for lunch and a milkshake. I ended up getting Kingdom Hearts : Birth by Sleep (even though I don't have a PSP yet) but since apparently that wasn't a sufficient enough gift she keeps telling me to choose something else so she can buy it. LOL! 

Other than that I've just been working. I'm loving it at my work though, for example today we were all wearing plushie Sonic hats to piss the boss off because he hates them. ahhhh fun and games~ Anyway, I'm going to wrap it up because I'm so tired and need lots of sleep. 
So I will leave you with this......
I completely endorse Shou's shirt/jumper combo. Looking dapper kid~

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