Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bust a Nut.

I seem to be terrible at updating this thing lately. It's been over a month since my last post. HAHAH. 
I've been so busy this month that I guess I haven't really had the time to write here. Anywhoo, I've got the day off so before I zoom off to Manchester I'll bring a little update and slap it on the table. 

At the beginning of December I traveled to Brighton to visit my good friends Popi, Ashii and Hizu for an early Disney Christmas, since Popi and Ashii had recently moved into their new flat, which was so lovely. On the first evening Bambi was also with us, it was nice seeing her after like.. a year? 
On the second day Hizu had to travel back to London and Popi had work so me n Ash mooched round and did some shopping. Third day was pretty much the same, only me and Popi gave Ashii a surprise by finishing her room so she'd have somewhere nice to sleep ^^ 
I think I left the next day, not sure. But over all I had such a good time and it made me realize just how much I missed everyone. Sadly I was a derp and didn't take my camera so no pictures of that. 

After that I worked pretty much all month, except the one or two days off which I spent doing Christmas shopping. 

About a week before Xmas it snowed and really hit everyone with festive cheer, so Me, my Dad, his girlfriend, my Sister and her Boyfriend went out and had a nice Christmas dinner since it was the only chance we'd get to have one until after christmas. I looked like this...

 This was the day before I decided to mess up my hair by adding extra colours into it = = I miss it. 
The meal was fun, we ended up getting drinks with glitter in it, too much gammon and drawing on napkins using  pudding. 

A few days later Krista and I decided to celebrate Christmas early at my place. We ended up going to the same food join as I did with my family XD It was still good though man. She got me the coolest gift. The Mark Ryden postcards from the Snow Yak show ;A; OH MY GOOOOODD!!! 
I still don't know what I want to do with them yet. But I'm so happy, She's like the only one of my friends who know I obsessively collect art books and fancy the shit out of Mark Ryden's work. 

For the entire week before Christmas I got to wear antlers for work, that was nice. 

Christmas day was spent at my house in the morning then at my Nan's then my Mothers for the evening before I jetted to work on Boxing day, to go back to my Mum's and then back home. it was pretty hectic and I'm so tired now ZZZZ. 
Well that's it for now. I don't want this to drag on. I'll be updating a few times in the next week or so as I have my Christmas post, New years and 2011 in a nutshell posts to do. Also I'll probably redo my header and stuff like that. But for now I need to get going as I have places to go and lots of shopping to do. 

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